Improvement And Development In Anti Aging Facial Care

Improvement And Development In Anti Aging Facial Care
Improvement And Development In Anti Aging Facial Care

Nowadays, you can find some excellent anti-aging facial and body creams in most shops that cater for beauty care and these products are popular with both women and men.

These anti-aging products have now considerably improved with respect to their predecessors.

The new technologies and development along with further understanding of the process of aging rendered todays anti-aging facial and body care products very effective.

The anti-aging creams used in the past simply reduced the wrinkles by a slight inflation of the skin causing it to stretch.

Nowadays, moisturizers and anti-aging creams contain multiple compounds that work together to slow down the aging of the skin and protect it from the damaging external elements.

Retinoids, which are a type of vitamin A, still remain the leading compounds in anti-aging products, although many new products containing lower concentrations of retinoids are being produced and have proven to be just as effective in reversing the signs of age.

New age skin care products now contain a combination of vitamin A, retinol and other elements including botanicals and proteins.

There is also a new type of protein that works on the skin by relaxing the muscles thus relieves the crinkling of the skin for about twelve hours.

Although all these anti-aging products will help fight the aging process of the skin it is important to use cleansers and soaps that will not dry your skin.

Many soaps have a sodium lauryl sulphate content that washes away the skins natural oils, which in turn renders your skin vulnerable.

This is why it is essential to choose those skin cleansers and liquid soaps that moisturize your skin and cleanse it at the same time.

These cleansers and soaps use emollients and humectants that are essential nutrients which help retain the water in the lipid layers of the skin.

Others even contain benzoyl peroxide that prevents acne breakouts in oily skin but still preserve the skins natural moisture.

Women’s and men’s skin care products and anti-aging creams differ in the way they are produced.

This is because men usually have oiler and thicker skins that women do and also larger pores, which tend to clog up when they use thicker creams.

So, generally, although the ingredients are basically the same men’s products are lighter in texture than women’s.

There are specific men products such as shaving creams and after shaving moisturizers that render facial hair softer and skin smoother in order to protect the skin during and after shaving and avoid the chaffing effect of the razor.

Creams used for revitalizing can contain substances such as caffeine that tone up and firm the jaw line and neck, while around the eye creams are made with calendula and marigold that help reduce dark circles and puffy skin.

There is also a major difference in the way they market men and women skin care products.

While men’s products are promoted as being active and powerful for skin, the women’s skin care products aim at promoting the anti-aging side and wrinkle reducing effect of these beauty products.