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Walking To Keep Fit. How To Keep Fit With Daily Walks.

When you think of walking, what comes into mind? You’re most likely thinking, That’s for the older generation, not for me!

That’s where most of us are wrong!

I thought along the same lines, before I really took walking seriously. It is in fact, probably the best way to keep fit, and it really is an effective and easy way to keep healthy.

For anyone planning to lose weight or keep fit, walking is the best strategy, better than any gym or fitness plan. Regular walking can really make a difference to your overall health and lifestyle, all you have to do is follow a few suggestions to benefit fully from this enjoyable form of exercising.

The right kind of clothing is important especially shoes, although you will only be walking, you may be doing so for quite a few miles. Remember to take an anorak with you before setting off and a small backpack where you can pack your anorak and water or juice in.

Always start out slowly, for the first days you will have to get used to a walking rhythm, if you start off to fast you will get cramps and blisters and you will not want to continue the next day. Gradually build your resistance and pace day by day.

It could be a good idea to walk with a partner, this will help a lot, and the walking will not feel so tiresome. Talking with someone along the way will get you to the finish without even realizing you walked all that way. You can of course take your dog for a walk if you have one, it will no doubt be delighted to join you.

Try and fix objectives in your walking plan, start off with two miles and by the end of the first week and progress according to how you feel, this will encourage you to continue and feel satisfied with your achievements.

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