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How To Plan A Graduation Party

As any other proud parents you too would love to celebrate the big event in your child’s life.

Graduation not only means an achievement but it is also a time for nostalgia, a time for remembering the days spent in school and college, of the fights had, of the laughs shared, of the memories cherished.

It is also a time when one has to look forward towards the future. So for your child’s graduation party it is obvious that you won’t like to make any compromises. 

The basics 

The first thing that you need to decide on is the date for the party and the guests you want to have. You also would need to have a conception about the kind of party you want to host.  

While settling on a date remember that this is a period when a lot of parties are happening. So you would be best served if you do some homework and find out which are the dates on which the people you want to invite are more or less free.

If you are inviting your daughters friends and for some of them the date clashes with family get-togethers chances are they will give your party a skip. 

While drawing up the list for the people to invite, you may decide on a very close group of friends and family or you can go all out and invite the entire class and the neighborhood.

But the kind of party you throw would depend on your guest list. If you are planning on just close friends and relatives then you can be more sure as to how long they will be there in the party and accordingly plan the food and stuff.

If everyone is dropping down from your sons graduation class, then the party would be more like an open house where people just come to have some drinks and snacks as they hop around from one party to the next.

In your invitation clearly mention the date, the place, the time and the very basics about the party. 

Theme for the party 

It helps if you have a definite theme for your party as it allows you to have focus and also helps you to stay within your budget as you know exactly what you want.

The theme can be anything from a formal dress-up party to a casual, cool and relaxed party. And if you really want to be different have a Hawaiian Luau party theme. 

The future plans of your child can also be made into themes for parties. If your son wants to study movies then have movies as a theme.

Or if your daughter wants to be an astrophysicist then may be the night sky and stars can be a wonderful theme. All you need is a bit of imagination. 


The food you serve depends on what sort of a party you are hosting. If it is a casual, high-school graduation party then may be pizzas and soft drinks would work fine.

But if it is a formal college graduation party then maybe you’ll go for a full five course dinner. Decide if you would be going to need catering service. 

For your guests 

Assign a particular area, may be a poster board or a nicely decorated guest book for your guests to leave their messages and their contact details. 

You can also think about hiring a DJ as music is an integral part of any party. It would set the mood of the party and a DJ can even make your guests dance when they want to.

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