Plan An Inexpensive Party

Plan An Inexpensive Party
Plan An Inexpensive Party
Group Of Friends Making Toast Around Table At Dinner Party

Absolutely anyone would love parties. And we have quite a few during the course of the year. But if anything that stops us from having the parties, or at least makes us have second thoughts is the amount of money that goes into having these parties.

However, if we can be a little more creative and are willing to invest that extra bit of our time, we can arrange for parties that are quite successful and are remembered by our guests for all the right reasons. 

Planning ahead 

The key to success for any good party is the planning that goes behind it. Doesnt matter if you have a huge budget or not, you got to plan ahead. But when you really cant afford a lot of money planning becomes fundamental to hosting a successful party.

And this planning should start at the beginning of the year. Make yourself a party planner for the entire year. You would know the events for which you would want to have a party for the entire year.

Plan the entire party schedule keeping all these parties in mind. This helps you in having the tentative dates for your parties well in advance and you can also plan for the theme for each party much ahead of the actual event.

And this allows you to pick up stuff for your parties at throw-away prices when the giant sales are on. This way you make a sizeable saving on your party budget. 


Try and make the invitations by yourself. You can use the different software platforms to treat images and make your invitations or you can just simply make them with your own hands using simple things like color papers, glitters and pictures.

Not only would they cut your costs but would also lend a personal touch to the invitations. Another way to be more personal would be to hand deliver the invitations. There again you save some money. 

One thing which should also be kept on mind is to invite the people you really want to. Keeping the number of guests to a minimum also brings down the budget for the party. 


Keep your decorations simple and don’t go for anything too flashy or expensive. You have a wide range of things to choose from which though not too expensive. If used creatively can really add color to your party.

You can use flowers, streamers, theme papers, decorated paper cloths, and other such inexpensive articles and can pull off quite a good decoration for your party space. Also, borrow the things you need if that is an option for you. 


If you are serious about keeping the budget of your party to a minimum you can select the time for your party that would keep the cost for food in your party to the minimum. You should invite your guests between 2 and 5 in the afternoon.

That way your guest won’t be expecting a full course meal and you can do with some snacks or barbecue. Also, try and get help for the kitchen from some of your friends who are in a similar position.

Let them know that you would be there for them when they will need you. This way you can cut your cost on catering.  

So, just being a bit imaginative and willing to work that extra bit you can have parties when you want to and not restrict yourself from having some quality time just because you don’t have the cash to splurge.