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Increase Your Productivity And Profits With Less Work

Have you had trouble getting started in online marketing? Are your websites profitable yet? Many beginning internet marketers quickly become frustrated and quit because they do not realize instant profits.

Well, here are two little pieces of advice that seem very simple on the outside but can have a large impact on your business.

In fact by following them you can increase your productivity and profits. By the way they were both traps that I feel into myself and that is why I am aware of them.

First, let me ask you a question. Do you ever find yourself checking your website statistic more then once a day?

Many internet marketers get in the habit of checking two, three, five even ten times a day. It is easy to fool yourself that somehow this is helping!

However if you weigh a rock on the scale ten times a day and expect a different result you would be considered crazy.

Well, checking your website stats can be much the same. Just because you added a few new links or a new article to your website does not mean your traffic will raise all of a sudden.

In fact-checking it too many times a day is counterproductive. You will not change the traffic at all by checking it constantly.

Instead spend the time working on your websites and adding content like articles, or exchange links.

The second trap to watch out for is bouncing among too many projects. You can probably relate. You get an email newsletter from an internet marketing guru that says this new software is the best thing since sliced bread or it touts some new affiliate program and what do you do?

Well, if you are like many other people doing business on the internet you jump on the bandwagon and hope for the quick windfall of profits.

The problem is that by jumping from one project to the next means nothing is ever finished and nothing ever becomes profitable.

So what should you do? Pick one or two projects and stick with them. Do not change course on a whim but stay with the good projects at least three to six months.

If after six months the project has not become profitable then you might want to regroup and change strategies.

These two techniques alone, while very simple, can significantly improve productivity and in turn your profits online. Hope you find them useful!

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