Friday, December 1, 2023
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Internet Marketing Focus

Internet marketing is a complicated business. There is so much to learn. Building websites, learning search engine optimization, emails, autoresponders and that is just some of it.

Then you have to find your niche, research your market, dream up your product and on and on it goes.

Then, just as you think you have figured out your blueprint along comes another indispensable tool or system.

So, you make a few adjustments and read another 150 pages of instructions and watch another 20 hours of high powered video. Phew! You take a deep breath and rewrite your blueprint.

You turn on the computer and check your emails. There are 65 emails all heralding the latest and greatest in internet marketing.

Spy on your opposition, buy these private label rights and do not forget to listen in to the latest over hyped teleconference with two or three self proclaimed gurus thinly disguising mutual backslapping for selling some overpriced “how to” book which is probably just another rehash of what you learned two or three months ago.

Have you ever wondered if this is a cleverly orchestrated plan by the successful operators to confuse the would-be marketers out there.

Maybe not but it does sow the seeds of utter confusion into the minds of the unfocused.

The fact is your email inbox is a major distraction to actually getting on and achieving success in internet marketing. The answer here is to limit severely the amount of email you read.

Go through the list of emails you receive and unsubscribe from most of them. Be thoroughly ruthless and just retain one or two of your very best newsletters.

It is probably going to be painful because you enjoy receiving them and will spend hours reading them and the things they promote.

But that is the point, they have actually distracted you and robbed hours of your time.

Now it is time to focus and select that aspect of internet marketing that you enjoy. Go for one thing and get it going properly and then expand into the next thing in a natural progression that will best compliment your first interest.

Follow your prepared blueprint and focus on that. Do not be totally deaf to what is going on in the internet marketing world but limit the destructively distracting nature of so much of it.

So concentrate and focus on achieving your goals and making some money. Join a good mentoring program if you really need to but stop hopping from one thing to the other.

Be single minded and maintain that focus. When you have achieved your initial goals and have things running on some sort of auto pilot then you can look around for ways to improve and fine tune your business.

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