iPod. The Next Generation Walkman Replacement

iPod. The Next Generation Walkman Replacement
iPod. The Next Generation Walkman Replacement

An iPod is a portable digital media player designed and marketed in 2001 by Apple Computers. Currently, it is the best selling audio player with over 50 million sold and 1 billion legal downloads sold through its online music store, iTunes.

The popularity of the iPod became Apple’s first and successful attempt to branch out from its iMac products and a reputation of being just a computer company.

It’s easy to see why the iPod dominates the market, with Apple’s ingenious marketing strategies, great features, and appealing look of their products, it is destined to dominate the mp3 market for some time to come.

We need to understand that it is an mp3 audio player that has models incorporating video capabilities. The ability to have a large memory capacity enables the user to store thousands of songs for music and thousands of photos and videos.

This makes the iPod such a desirable product, especially to the youth market. The newer models boast a memory of up to 80 gigs. This can be comparable to a hard drive on a home computer. Many people use their unit like an external hard drive to store data off of their computers.

There are many models to choose from as well as upgrades from previous versions. Each new version brings its own unique features and accessories that can be added on.

These accessories contribute immensely as revenue generators for Apple and keep the public interested in spending more money to get the latest add on features.

You would be hard-pressed if you couldn’t find an electronics store that doesn’t have a section devoted totally to iPods and the adapters and gadgets to dress it up.

Some of the extras presently available to consumers include camera connectors, power adapters, auto charger, car holder, external microphone, external speakers, and many more.

If you want to expand the fun aspect of these versatile devices, get yourself a karaoke attachment and sing along with your favorite tunes.

With the iPod being focused on music and convenience, it stands to reason that they would find their way into the automobile market. In the US, 70% of the 2007 models will offer iPod integration.

If you’re looking at portability as an option, which is the most popular way they’re used, lithium, rechargeable lithium-ion, and lithium-polymer rechargeable type batteries can be used.

Most lithium-ion batteries use a fast charge to charge your batteries quickly up to 80% capacity, then they will switch to trickle charging for the remaining 20%.

Docking units that use AC and DC power are also available to keep a full charge handy when the iPod is stored for a period of time.

Audio and video cables are available for these units to plug into your home stereo or watch a video on your home theater that’s stored on the iPod. There’s even a remote control accessory to scroll through various functions and playlists.

There are a few companies releasing their own version of the iPod and accessories because they know that the market is very lucrative. Apple’s version will probably reign supreme for a while yet especially with the new models and upgrades they constantly put out in the marketplace.

They have also branded a name themselves and other companies wanting to get into this elite mp3 market will have to contend with people calling their unit an iPod as a generality instead of the given product name.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, with the great versatility of music, photo, and video, coupled with fast transfer speeds, the iPod makes a great choice for those who love having a portable and personal multi-media device.