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Is Learning Piano Online A Viable Alternative To Private Lesson?

There are many ways to learn to play the piano. Luckily the internet has made taking piano lessons both easy and convenient.

You can learn piano online by visiting one of the many websites that provide piano lessons. Many of these websites offer piano instruction for free.

These piano sites have modules that you can work through as you learn to play the piano. They are designed by pianists who want to teach or give back to the music community by providing useful instruction to beginner piano players.

However, some purists suggest that learning piano online is not as good as taking lessons from an instructor. There are both pros and cons to learning to play the piano from an online source.

The Pros of Learning Piano Online

Learning to play online is perfect for those people who are not sure what kind of time commitment they are willing to give to learn to play the piano.

Many people just want to learn simple piano tunes so they can play a few of their favorite songs at gatherings and such.

Learning from online instruction will give them away to learn the piano fast but also without the pressure of private piano lessons.

For people that want to learn to play the piano, there may be an issue of spending a lot of time and money going to private lessons.

For students with jobs and family, you really may not be able to lock into a specific time for formal instruction.

With the ability to learn piano online, you can simply log on to the Internet when time permits and start working through the lessons.

Online lessons can actually be a lot of fun. It is often more dynamic than simply learning theory from a book.

They usually include graphics, animated images and demo sounds to make it easier for you to learn.

Many people enjoy piano learning games to play along with. The lessons are rich and dynamic giving you a great opportunity to learn piano without getting bored with the same old lesson plan.

For those that do not have a lot of money to spend on lessons, the online component is a very cost-effective way to begin learning the piano. Online piano lessons can be very inexpensive and many are actually free.

The Cons of Learning Piano Online

If you are serious about learning to play the piano, there is really nothing that compares to a good instructor. The immediate feedback of your skills you will find to be very beneficial.

Personal attention and response to your exact needs may suit some students better than trying to learn to play the piano on your own.

Online piano instruction is not tailored to an exact leaning need. As a student of the piano you may want to focus on certain aspects of the instrument, but an online curriculum is very general in nature and may not be suited to your interests or learning style.

A private instructor can adapt to your needs as necessary.

Some students may find extra motivation with having instant feedback and encouragement as they progress.

There will be no applause from the online lesson. A private instructor can provide you with feedback and can help you remain motivated and excited when necessary.

Private lessons are often expensive and you will find yourself having to pay per hour or half-hour. Not everyone wants to invest so much money into learning to play the piano.

Finally, a private piano teacher can help remedy mistakes that you might be making that you are not aware of when taking lessons online.

With online lessons, you could be making mistakes that will never become corrected. Your piano instructor can quickly spot a mistake and help you to make a quick adjustment in your playing.

There are numerous options for learning to play the piano. Learning piano online is a great way to learn the instrument without having to give up a lot of time and money.

But you have to understand the potential limitations of learning piano online and adjust your expectations accordingly.

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