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Issues That Can Hurt A Woman’s Career

If you want to succeed in your career as a woman, it is important that you are conscious of your behavior in your work milieu.

Women in particular tend to adopt certain common behavioral traits that prevent their success at work. Identifying and modifying the following behaviors will help women build successful career communication.

If you do not ask you cannot expect to receive it. Most men usually step up and ask what they want directly, while women do not, they simply watch the men and fall behind.

Women let promotions, raises and better benefits slip through their hands because they never ask for them. You will never get anything if you do not ask. When women do decide to ask, they often chose the wrong people, by seeking assurance from colleagues or friends.

When women do decide to take action it is often too late, as they tend to delay the process and create unnecessary stress, this makes them fall behind others. Women sometimes are stuck for action, calculating every possible outcome before moving forward. Delaying any action may appear as an innocent habit; however, knowledge without action can lead to depression. The longer you avoid what needs to be done, the more it affects self-esteem, self-confidence and ultimately your success.

Avoid using I’m sorry and choose better words, such as I apologize for or others that have a more direct meaning. Using sorry is not the best word usage when at work. Another word usage to avoid is I will try. There is a huge difference between I will try and I will do it, this designates a successful task or an unsuccessful one. If you tell yourself you will do something, then you are creating a mental commitment, which will help you achieve your objective. When you communicate with others using the words I will try you are communicating a sense of doubt.

Most of the time women seem to end up with people who are more negative than positive, which is a typical attitude women have. Ultimately, this reflects upon you, as the relationships you make are your base network. They need to be strong and encouraging. Most women tend to stay in a relationship when the perceived benefits outweigh the perceived costs. Think about what happens when you get back less than you give.

Avoid wasting energy on relationships that are counterproductive. Find people who encourage you, challenge you, and motivate you to succeed and avoid all those that will sink you down and not help you keep your spirits high.

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