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Features Of A Good Affiliate Terms Of Service Agreement

Do you think you possess a rare combination of creativity and business inclination? So use your talent to develop a wonderful website and become an affiliate marketer to earn money through your website.

By its very nature, an affiliate program is an agreement between you and a product or service selling company.

As per the agreement, you send traffic from your website to theirs and in return, you get a commission every time your referral translates into a sale on the merchant site.

It is true that affiliate marketing has huge earning potentials for serious marketers. But the condition is: you have to choose a proper affiliate program.

Now there are no hard and fast rules to define a proper affiliate program; you have to judge whether it is proper or not by comparing it with the theme of your own site.

If your website deals with jewelry there is no use in promoting digital cameras on your site.

In addition to finding out the suitable products for your website theme, it is also important to find out the trustworthy affiliate programs.

Can you conclude by just looking at one website that the company will turn out to be a reliable advertiser?

No! That is why you need to enter into terms of service agreement with the company whose product you are going to promote on your website.

When you decide to join any affiliate program, you are required to accept an “Agreement“. This binds the affiliate and the advertiser in a legal contract.

It serves a two-way purpose: on the one hand, it ensures that the affiliate is not deprived by the company of what is due to him.

On the other hand, the companies also rest assured that they can take any legal action if the affiliates are found to resort to any dishonest means.

This agreement puts down clearly the responsibilities of both parties so that none has to complain about anything after you have started the operation.

Before entering into any agreement, make sure of the following features of the agreement.

Company background

A good affiliate agreement must contain the contact details including email address, company address, phone number, and the name of a person to contact.

Even if you get all this information on the company website, cross-check the company history to know how long the company has been in operation, what is the employee strength and so on.

It is always better to join an affiliate program offered by a well-established company for more than six years old.

Commission and free support

In a good affiliate agreement, you will find all the matters related to the commission are simply and clearly explained.

Always prefer those companies which offer you a bonus in addition to the usual commission for a good performance. Also, look for the agreements that offer you free training to enhance your sales skills.


A good affiliate agreement is one that does not baffle you by supplying too many product links. Always opt for an agreement that asks you to sell one quality product.

There are a few more points that may be covered by affiliate agreements. But the above-mentioned points are the most important features of a good agreement. So never join a program that is devoid of these features.

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