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Let Us Talk About Popular Coffee Bean Types

Want to enjoy the best flavor, texture, and aroma out of your coffee? Don’t buy ground coffee. Instead, get hold of coffee beans and grind them just before you start for making a cup of coffee.

That makes your coffee more refreshing with richer taste and aroma. You better know that fresh things have the best appeals.

The market is flooded with different kinds of coffee beans. The most popular ones are cultivated in Brazil and Colombia and they remain to be the largest producers for years.

Sumatra, Arabia, and India are also widely known. But normally coffee beans are categorized into two parts, Arabica and Robusta.

Whatever be the coffees origin, the brewing methods are more or less similar. After getting matured in four years, the coffee plants produce a cluster of fruits tat turn deep red.

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These berries are plucked by the farmers and transported to those sites where they are processed.

The coffee bean is actually the seed inside the fruit or the cherry. So the fruit is crushed and the seed is obtained.

These extracted seeds are known as coffee beans which are further soaked in cold water for fermentation.

Once this process is over they are dried in sunlight. The pure forms are selected and the rotten ones are removed to obtain the fresh beans of coffee.

Arabica and Robusta species are the favorites of the commercial coffee growers. Arabica is marked by its high quality beans to be known as the best in the world.

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Arabica is highly expensive as well. These beans are grown in higher altitudes and carry the most flavorful and aromatic taste.

Taking care of your health concerns Arabica beans contain lesser levels of caffeine and thus also lowers the formation of acidity after drinking it.

Robusta is mostly grown in African countries and in parts of Asia. They are also known as Canephora and are best known for growing in harsh temperatures and unfavorable climate.

Though Robusta is a cheaper product than the Arabica beans of coffee, the value matters the taste as well.

Robusta cannot provide you with that strong flavor, rich aroma and smooth and frothy texture as coffee made from Arabica beans can do.

The flavoring of coffee beans largely depends on the soil and climatic or environmental conditions of the location where they are being grown.

Generally, the final product is always labeled or marked by the region of its growth. The very popular Java coffee has been named so because it is grown in Indonesia.

There is a difference between green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans. Previously, you must have seen your grandparents may be your parents as well who purchased green coffee beans and roasted them at home.

The roasting is important because that enhances the flavor of the coffee. So the coffee processors of today have begun to sell roasted beans thus removing bitter oils from natural beans.

French roast, American roast, and Brazilian roast are well-liked by coffee lovers around the world.

American roast from green coffee beans is medium body coffee where as French roast is of dark chocolate color.

Espresso roast which has gained immense popularity in no time is the darkest one with the sharpest flavor.

Espresso is actually made from roasted espresso beans treated under high pressure. A cup of black espresso coffee is heaven.

When you are pressed for time and held back at work with a hell of stress, this strong coffee just puts you back in your spirits.

Whatever be your choice the seed of flavor is in the coffee beans. You have them direct, grind them at home or get a sealed pack of roasted ones! It’s up to you.

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