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Make A Romantic Statement With Colorful Roses

Red roses are the most common imagery associated with love and romance. The vibrant color and sweet smell all make rose just perfect for saying with it that how much you love her.

So, no wonder that even the mighty Emperor Nebuchadnezzar fall for its charm and created a rose garden to impress the mountain princess whom he latter marry.

From time immemorial roses have enthralled the rich and poor alike and symbolized love, passion, and above all beauty.

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, rose has many medicinal value and capable of governing the emotions to create impact on the heart.

Thus, it is not surprising that people all over the world in all ages found rose to be the most appropriate gift for expressing love.

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In Greek mythology also, rose was associated with great passion and alluring beauty. In Greek myths associate rose with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.

She was imagined as being born out of foam of the sea, and wherever the foam dropped on the ground white roses sprouted up.

Thus in Greek literatures, the white rose came to be associated with not only love but purity and innocence as well.

On the other hand, the vibrant hues of red rose came to represent desire and erotic sensualities.

In the Roman legend also red roses represented passionate love. In Roman mythology, in her haste to save Adonis from the wrath of Mars, slipped into the rose bush and from her blood grew the red roses.

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In latter course of history, rose was also incorporated in Christian philosophy as mother Mary was described as the Mystic Rose in her litanies and in early Europe rose started to be regarded as perfect symbol of love and beauty.

Gradually, the Christian symbolism of purity was transformed to acquire a more secularized meaning. It became a symbol of love between man and woman.

No matter what is the occasion, be it the anniversary, or be it a Valentine’s Day, presenting a bouquet of rose is the most romantic way of saying that “How much you care for her”.

And the most important thing is that gifting rose is never out of fashion. So, if you want to express your love to somebody, but unsure of the way, simply say it with a rose.

No matter you present her a big bouquet or a single flower, your unspoken words will be most eloquently expressed through the unworldly perfume and alluring colors of a rose.

However, as we have seen in the earlier paragraphs, roses in different hues represent different sets of emotion.

So, before you convey your feeling to your lover, learn the emotion that is invokes by the roses of different color.

Red Rose

A red rose is the best way of saying  “I love you” to your beloved as it  stands for admiration and courage. It also symbolizes beauty.

White Rose

Do you nurture secret admiration for somebody but cannot express for the fear of rejection?

Then let your feeling be known to her with a single white rose and feel in her eyes the warmth because white rose is the ideal way to say to somebody that  “You’re heavenly”.

Pink Rose

Deep pink rose symbolizes appreciation. It is also an ideal way to thank somebody, while Light pink roses speak of your admiration of a person.

Yellow Rose

Although yellow roses traditionally meant decrease of love or infidelity, today, yellow roses has acquired a significance of joy and gladness.

Then depending on the way how they are presented, roses signify different feelings. For example, rose buds mean innocent love and youthfulness, where rose in full bloom implies I love you.

Two roses entwined with each other signifies marriage within a short time, while a crown made of red rose is a traditional symbol of reward.

Now that you know the different meaning of variety of roses and their way of presentation, make a simple statement of love through a gorgeous rose.

Do not get upset, even if your beloved does not know the significance of what you have sent to her, rest assured, a gift of rose will earn you the distinction in her heart as someone very romantic and a person with fine taste.

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