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Marketing Your College Degree

Do you have something to offer that others don’t? Are you specialized to do something not everyone is? If so, you probably have a marketable college degree.

Many people graduate college, or trade schools thinking they will be magically picked up by a company because of their degree.

Sadly, many don’t realize that there are other marketing their specialties to companies making it harder for them to hire you instead of them.

The first thing one must do in order to market their degree is to define it. If someone graduates with a degree in business management, then market yourself towards business but are open-minded to various possibilities.

This may sound elementary, but often people undervalue their profitability in the workforce.

Think of all the types of businesses available, every single one of them needs someone with your expertise.

While many will pick up their local classifieds and search for jobs, if the category is empty they will look for other work.

Don’t settle. By marketing your degree you can land a job in the field you’ve been trained in.

Specialized employees make more than those without one. Think in terms of the airline business.

You have lower-paid individuals putting the luggage on the planes because this is not as specialized as the pilots who most likely make 3 to 5 times more money per year.

This is because it’s much more challenging to become a pilot then let’s say a luggage handler.

So, holding a specialty degree will make you more desirable thus netting you a higher paycheck.

Let everyone know you have a unique degree and show them what you’ve learned.

Often on job applications, a section will have a title such as “industry-specific training” or “special certification” this is where you want to begin.

Enter in your degree and be sure to mention it in the interview as well. Don’t be afraid to show people what you have learned in your program.

Build upon experience so that you can become more marketable. Make your best effort every time you leave a job to get a new one that entails more responsibility, or allows you to experience more than your last job.

This will help you build your experiences to make you more marketable to businesses and companies.

Don’t have any specific training under your belt? There is still time to make yourself marketable as a job candidate by going back to school. If you’re interested in a particular field check out their website and get started TODAY!

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