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MLM Business: Ideas And Opportunities Galore

Multi-level marketing has caught the imagination of a large number of people as a way to make a few extra bucks while keeping his or her regular job.

What one basically needs to do is to act as an agent for a company’s products or services and earn commission on his sales. He can create his own down line which consists of sub-agents and hence further boosts his sales figures.

However MLM has been plagued by fraudulent companies which have cheated many of their money through different variations of the pyramidal schemes.

It is important that one stays away from such companies and deal only with those that have a proven track record. Following is a list of the more respected companies from different sectors of network marketing.


Probably the most successful and respected of all network companies their products range from vitamins to house cleaners. Known for their amazing training facilities and great seminars, Amway does not need you to have any inventory. They will buy back any unsold product.


One of the leaders in anti-aging skin care products Avon is another huge success story when we are talking network marketing. With over a billion customer transactions every year and included in Fortune magazines Most Admired Companies for over a decade, Avon is one of the most secure MLM companies to deal with.

Pampered Chef

Started by Doris Christopher, who herself is a chef, Pampered Chef deals mainly in quality kitchen tools. They have now a worldwide operation and have over 70000 kitchen consultants. They also have organized a fight against world hunger and have already collected more than 7 million.


A member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and Tupperware has been in the network marketing business for over four decades now. Dealing mainly in kitchen storage, Tupperware has always been helping women to build their careers. It has also been closely associated with many charities and is one of the most respected MLM companies.

World Financial Services

This is a financial services organization whose associates, through its affiliated companies, offer a wide range of financial services products.

One of the most unique companies when it comes to MLM business, it not only deals with wealthy clients but makes it a point to educate the common man about financial matters at an extremely affordable rate. They are also renowned for their training programs for their agents.


A company dealing in vacuum cleaners, Kirby has also made quite a name for itself when it comes to network marketing. They offer you to be your own boss and allow you to work at flexible hours.

Kirby has been in business for over 85 years now and it has its businesses in over 60 countries. With the quality training and an opportunity to enjoy the work you do, Kirby ensures that your association with the company is a happy one.

If we look at the companies listed above we will notice that if you are planning to join MLM business the range of opportunities you have is enormous. You can deal with products ranging from homecare to skincare to financial services.

It is up to you to decide which product you would be comfortable with and then invest your time, money, and effort into it.

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