MLM: Want Freedom From 9 To 5 Ruts?

MLM: Want Freedom From 9 To 5 Ruts?
MLM: Want Freedom From 9 To 5 Ruts?
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MLM can give you freedom from the dark dredges of a 9 to 5 life. But are you prepared to take it?

Many people would give their right arm and left leg to get out of the boredom and drudgery of a routine 9 to 5 job.

Some would throw in a nose and an eye for good measure. But when that freedom comes, they are found sadly lacking the ability to handle it. For it isn’t enough merely to be free you should also be able to sustain yourself.

MLM or multilevel marketing is a line of work where you need to be absolutely focused and directed.

You’ll need to make your work your food and drink, and also your sleep and dreams. You’ll need to learn to judge people as soon as they open their mouths, and you’ll need a lot of practice achieving that.

Round the clock, you’ll need to think of better strategies of recruiting hardworking people to create a profitable and agile down line for yourself.

You’ll need to give up unprofitable wastes of time like reading or chatting or watching TV. You’ll hardly have the time to talk to friends or family. Your relationships will probably suffer.

That is, of course, if you want to see profit.

Yes, therein lays the freedom that MLM can give you. It is not really freedom from 9 to 5. Actually, you shall probably be working three times as hard as you did when you had a regular office job.

But it is a freedom from the ruts of 9 to 5, from the terrible feeling that you’re slaving to generate profit for someone else.

MLM doesn’t give you freedom from work. It merely gives the option that you can both work and become rich, or you can choose to not work and stand away from the paths of others fighting their way up tooth and nail.

The choice is completely yours because there’s no boss over your head to prod you or threaten you with sack.

Work and generate profit for yourself and your up line. Likewise, let your down linework and generate profit for them and for you.

You’re rewarded as you work or not rewarded as you don’t. No one asks you to do anything; you choose your own destiny.

This is something not all people can do. When not under the heel of the tyrannical boss who whips them to work every morning at 9, and keeps them chained to their desks till 5 or later, some people simply can’t function as autonomous human beings.

Leave them to their own devices and watch them whiling away their precious time unprofitably, doing nothing. Freedom of choice or MLM isn’t for them.

To be successful in MLM, it is necessary that you have the strength of will to rouse yourself to action though nobody asks you to.

You need the moral strength to be able to ignore the rude responses from cold prospects. You need enough optimistic charm that you can diffuse through your recruits into your downline.

Remember that generating enthusiasm is one main move in the game, and you can’t give it to others unless you have loads of it yourself.