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Natural Hair Loss Remedies To Prevent And Stop Hair Loss

Who doesn’t have problems with hair loss? Most of us do and we all want to prevent and stop our hair loss as naturally and effectively as possible.

It can be done! Just follow a few secret tips and your hair will be back to its natural lustre and strength. No need for expensive treatments, these are home remedies and natural treatments and they work!

Have you ever stopped to count all the hair you lose? I know that it used to give me a fright when I did! Suffice it to know, that we all lose between 50 to 150 hairs every day, this is quite normal and should not get us worried.

However, I started noticing that the hair I was losing was far beyond this figure, and I also noticed that my hairline was receding slightly, but surely, and this got me worried!

I really had to do something to prevent this premature hair loss. As I didn’t have the means to spend a fortune on aesthetic treatments, I found an even better solution.

Before I let you into my secret home remedies and natural hair loss treatments, let me warn you not to rush into any treatment, before you find out why it is you do have a hair loss problem.

Only then choose the right home remedy for your specific case. This is the only way to stop your hair loss effectively and for good! There can be many reasons why we suddenly experience hair loss.

Here are some of the main causes and how to remedy them naturally and effectively.

Imbalanced diet:

If you not eating right, your body cannot work properly. Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are essential for healthy hair growth and will prevent and stop hair loss.

If you realize that you are not getting enough nutrients then try supplementing your diet with Zinc, Vitamin Bs, and Biotin.

A secret home remedy for healthy hair is drinking half a liter of lettuce, spinach, carrot, and alfalfa juice in equal proportions daily. This mixture is natural and very effective as a natural supplement.


Stress is in most cases the main cause of hair loss. The best remedy is meditation. This will help restore the hormone balance in your body. Nettle root is a miracle natural treatment for hair loss.

This common stinging plant stops the production of chemicals such as DHT, a major cause of hair loss due to hormone imbalance. Believe it or not, evidence suggests that nettle root may not only prevent hair loss but may actually regenerate hair growth!

Poor Hygiene:

It’s easy! Just keep your hair clean. Wash it regularly and stimulate the scalp with cold water. Rub your scalp with garlic, ginger,or onion juice, this will also stimulate the sebaceous glands and promote hair growth. Never mix the three together!

Hereditary factor

Sometimes we just cannot help it, its in our genes. This does not mean we are at a standstill! By using effective tonics such as Alma oil boiled in coconut oil as well as alma juice mixed with the same amount of lime juice, a great substitute for shampoo, you will promote hair growth and stop hair loss.

It is probably one of the best home remedies for hair loss.

Whatever you do make sure you massage your scalp regularly, this will increase the blood flow and circulation, stimulating hair growth and help stop hair loss for all of the above cases.

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