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Non-Verbal But Complete Communication Through Baby Sign Language

Emily gave birth to her first child six months ago. Just sneak a peak in their household at an average morning: 

The little bundle of the baby crying on the top of the voice just like a siren; the new mommy confused of her childs demands poured the whole world before her child, still unable to console the little thing; the daddy tries to be a sort of entertainer doing his bit as the responsible father, gives up and leaves the home for office leaving the frustrated mother in the middle of a mess perfected with terrific noise pollution.

The days of parenthood don’t seem enjoyable for Emilys family.

But the things can improve, if they bother a little to train their little baby in signing language.

Do you happen to have a baby like Emilys—difficult to understand and impossible to calm down?

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Do you want to forge a communication channel between you and your months old baby?

Then read on to know how the baby sign language can become the complete source of communication between you and your baby.

These days, it is not hard to find out a number of baby signing training schools and parent workshops and programs sprouting up everywhere.

All these different institutions follow different methods and styles to train the babies in sign language. But all of them have a common feature.

They all work towards a common goal: they try to open up the channel of communication between the child and the parents long before the baby learns to speak.

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You may feel a bit skeptic as to how come it is possible that a baby who cannot speak can express his mind through a different version of language even if it is noon-verbal one! Lets explain how it is possible.

Josef Garcia, a pioneer of sort in the baby signing researches has shown that human babies can understand the language spoken in their environment from as early as a few months.

But they cannot speak up the same only because their vocal chords are not yet ready for the purpose. But their muscular construction becomes matured enough to be manipulated according to wish.

This achievement of manual dexterity by the six to eight months old babies is the basis of signing language training.

So do not under estimate your little angel even if she does not make sounds beyond bla bla or da da! She is capable of sharing all of her small thoughts that are going on in her small head with you; only she needs a little training in the signing process.

A 7 or 8 months old baby waving at you, or shaking hands with you or shaking her head in utter displeasure—-are only normal activities of a normal child in that age bracket.

But signing language training will help your child extend his non-verbal vocabulary. As for example, he will be able to make you understand that he needs more of milk, he wants to play, or he needs a particular toy, etc if he is trained in signing language.

A signing language can help even the younger infants. How come? Lets explain. You have seen that the babies achieve control over their hands movement before they gain control over their vocal chord.

The same way they achieve control over the lip and tongue movement long before they can control their hands and fingers. Thus, in the case of these infants, it is mainly the lip signs that become the tool of communication for these very young babies.

So you can see the practical value of sign language training for your baby! Now let me tell you the psychological benefits of this program.

Sign language training turns your child into a more confident and happier child. He knows that others in his surrounding understand his needs and his needs will be fulfilled immediately as he expresses his desire for that. 

In a nutshell, you get a cheery baby in the place of a frustrated and crying baby and your parenting experience becomes really enjoyable.

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