Mothers Involvement In The Teaching Of Baby Sign Language

Mothers Involvement In The Teaching Of Baby Sign Language
Mothers Involvement In The Teaching Of Baby Sign Language

The style of parenting is not same as it was a few generations ago. Today’s mothers are mostly the working mothers that have to strike a balance between their career and the child rearing responsibilities.

These mothers’ lives are full of challenges; they have to gradually master the art of parenting, but all the while compromising between the home and the office! In most cases, they also have to suppress the urge to socialize to take care of the needs of their infant child.

In this world where everything seems to run at a frantic pace, mothers get little time to get to know the child that she has given birth to. The thing gets worse if the mother has more than one child.

These days you rarely get the grandparents to stay at your home to teach you the basic nuances of childcare. All these results in an incomplete bond between the mother and the child.

Development of bonding requires lots of interactions, which the new age mothers, unfortunately, cannot afford to manage.

Now baby-signing language can help you to fill up the void in your relationship between you and your child. This signing language provides you a vehicle so that you and your baby can interact in a less stressful but more relaxed way.

Teaching your child baby signing language may open up a gateway of interaction between you and your little one. It will provide you an excuse to spend with your little darling some quality time.

It is a system of communication that will make you thoroughly familiar with your babies’ body language. This will enable you to respond positively to your baby’s cues.

Thus you will develop the ability to comfort and console the little thing when she is in pain and needs your attention. It will also help your baby to get rid of the unique tension that bothers him so much.

This reduces your child’s frustration and you get a happy and confident child. Signing language also instills the mothers with a sense of confidence, as now you know what your child wants to tell you and how to respond to your child’s unique needs.

So if you are a new mother and want to develop a bonding between you and your child, you must consider training your baby into sign language. It can really do wonder for you.

At the end of the day, when you come back home, your child may demand something more than a peck on the cheek. As a mother, you have to satisfy her wishes, but in the absence of the spoken language, your baby may not be able to communicate it to you.

On the other hand, the signs will help your baby to share every bit of experience with you in your absence.

Even if you are a working mother, you can be your child’s best teacher for introducing her to the world of signs. It is a slow process, so   keep a time slot reserved for teaching signs to your child and slowly get her familiar with various signs.

It can be the mealtime; it can be the time when you are taking her outside for a stroll and so on. Repeat the whole process once and once again whenever you get time.

As a mother remember one thing; do not make babies perform signs to give others the impression of how intelligent your child is or how good you are as a trainer. As a mother and the teacher, you should always praise the child for any kind of signing attempt on her part.