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On Finding Miss Right

Relationships fail because of the wrong choice of partner. Not that your partner would prove imperfect, mind you, but the synergy between you and her might not be healthy enough to carry what should be a healthy relationship.

Your choice of partner should be guided by what would complement your expectations best. These qualities should be known beforehand, so that you may know what to look for in a woman before you even start dating.

Here is a sample list of things to look for in Miss Right.

  1. Find a woman who will take good care of you, but will also let herself be taken care of.

Especially in this day and age when even women are focused on their own careers, it would still be nice to find a woman who can find the time to take care of you and your family. A woman basically knows how to nurture and care for others.

To know that this won’t be neglected once you are in the relationship is most comforting. However, she must also let you take care of her. Some women tend to take the nurturing role to the point of being a martyr.

Make sure she doesn’t do this because this is potentially damaging not only to her but also to the relationship and, if ever, your family. With men struggling to be true to the role of provider and protector, a woman must let a man do his part.

This will further boost a man’s confidence as this shows how the woman is certain that the man he loves is worthy of her vulnerability.

2. Choose a woman who can be independent and is fairly confident.

No man needs a clingy creature, sometimes to the point of being an irritating nag, to keep him on a chokehold.

A woman who knows her own strengths uses her head and voices out her opinions is very much attractive.

After all, you are looking for a partner in life, and not a baby. You need someone who you will treat as an equal, whom you respect, and in turn, will respect you.

She also has to be able to downplay her insecurities and be able to resolve them, by accepting that she is imperfect, but she is a jewel as well.

She must know how to stand on her own and be able to be happy and have fun even without you.

3. Make sure that she also intellectually stimulates you and can keep up her end of the conversation.

The bimbo image will no longer result in lasting relationships. This keeps you on edge, apart from the attraction you have for each other.

Plus you’ll never get bored with a woman who constantly feeds your mind.

4. If a girl can be comfortable around the people around you, whether they be your beer buddies, business partners, or your own family, then you will definitely enjoy her company.

More importantly, if she wins the thumbs up of friends and family, then you can be sure she can stay with you for a very long time.

5. Find a woman who enjoys the simple treat you give to her.

Whether you take a girl to eat at a hotdog stand or you take her to the fanciest restaurant if she isn’t bothered about what she eats or where she is but she can act as if she belongs in that place, then congratulations!

You have found a girl you will never be ashamed of. She enjoys the simple treats you give her and she can also enjoy an elegant setting, without you having to constantly point out which silverware she has to use. She would also know how to relate to people of different social standing.

6. Find a woman who can trust you (assuming of course that you are worthy of that trust).

A woman being jealous every now and then is acceptable, but dealing with constant paranoia? Not good.

Just make sure that you will never ever break her trust because you can be sure she will never make you forget it.

7. It is rare to find a woman who truly understands a man: his need for space, constant ego boosts, and his pride.

So at least, find a woman who would be willing to understand, and would not constantly complain.

Not only will this give you fewer headaches, but you will also feel less likely to just push each other way to avoid conflict.

8. She accepts you for who you are.

And I mean everything about you, including the fact that you can be icky at times. You might smell bad, get a big beer belly, sweat a lot, or snore so loudly, she would still stay, love you, and still consider you her prince charming.

9. Lastly, she provides motivation and inspiration to you.

This alone is an indication that she is Ms. Right. No wonder how cheesy it sounds, with her around, it makes you want to be a better man.

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