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On Finding Mister Right

Indeed, women outnumber men, 3 to 1. With this ratio, there are not that many guys running around. But this shouldn’t mean that women should settle for the first guy they would see. The rule is: always strive to find your ideal mate. There are qualities that you should look for, and these would ensure a happy, fruitful, and fulfilling relationship.

Here are some virtues that the right man must possess:

1. Chivalry is not dead

Every woman wants to be treated like a queen and a guy who still opens doors and pulls up the chair for you are almost guaranteed to treat you nice and take good care of you.

2. Look at how he treats the girls in his family

It will give you a glimpse of how he will treat you. If he treats his sisters and mother kind and well, and has a great deal of respect for them, it is likely that you will be treated well and respected too.

3. Choose a guy who isn’t afraid to look un-macho

This means that he is secure of himself and will understand your feelings, as he can also be in touch with what we call that ‘feminine side’ of his. He isn’t afraid to show his emotions so both of you can be more open to one another about each others’ feelings.

Make sure he can control his emotions though. You don’t want a guy who cries more often than you do or breaks down before you do.

4. Go for a man with ambition, or a passion

You would know that he has a certain drive and this can lead him to succeed. This assures you that he can take charge and take responsibility, and provide well for you and your family. Choose one who isn’t easily defeated or pessimistic about the things that come his way.

5. Find a man who is confident and knows how to carry himself

He doesn’t try too hard to look the part but he simply tries to be presentable and charming enough. This won’t make you dread that time when you have to introduce him to your family and friends.

6. Find a man who can make you laugh!

Life will no doubt badger you with different trials and problems. Though it is important for you to be with someone who has to be serious enough to deal with all these, it is just as important to have someone who can take your mind away from all of it.

Laughing is also a very wonderful feeling that leaves you optimistic and ready to take on anything. Plus you are sure to enjoy a lifetime with this person and not become bored.

7. It is ideal that you and your man share the same values

This way, if ever you encounter problems, you can avoid conflicts stemming from drastically different perspectives. In addition, a guy must be open-minded too.

8. Make sure that he also intellectually stimulates you and can keep up his end of the conversation

This keeps you on edge, apart from the attraction you have for each other. Plus you’ll never get bored with a man who constantly feeds your mind.

9. Do everything you can think of to test whether he is faithful to you or not

Loyalty is very important to women and for most of us, love equates to trust. If this is a problem, you can be sure that the relationship will crumble into pieces.

10. Lastly, he must have a great tolerance level for you

You can be experiencing PMS and all hell can break loose. Therefore, find a man who understands you as a woman and one who will still patiently love you.

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