Planning A Nursery For Your Little One? Let Us Help

Planning A Nursery For Your Little One? Let Us Help
Planning A Nursery For Your Little One? Let Us Help

The nursery means the whole world to your baby for the first few years of her life. So the process of setting up a nursery is a matter of great enjoyment as well as great responsibility for the new parents.

On the one hand, the parents should be imaginative in their endeavor; on the other hand, they should be extremely cautious in picking the right things.

They should be aware of the potential hazards that emanate from the nursery environment and they should be extremely careful in the proper maintenance of all the nursery products.

An ideal nursery is one that combines aesthetics and functionality. This corner of your home is specially meant for your baby and therefore should be adequately provided for a number of activities. To begin with, a good nursery planning involves a great deal of versatility and scope for replacement.

The nursery should be designed in a way that it too can change and grow with the child. For example, instead of painting the walls with any particular color, consider using attractive wallpapers on them and later apply some vibrant color when the baby grows up a bit.

Use inexpensive, but colorful curtains which can be replaced later when the child starts to make preferences for her favorite color. Avoid the things in the nursery d├ęcor that looks too babyish, for your baby grows at a faster pace than you could have never imagined.

To make the room functional, invest in the right kind of furnishing. Planning a nursery does not mean, picking up from the market, all the cute looking baby furniture and stocking the nursery with all those stuffs. Start with the most essential equipments and then stretch the list as and when necessary.

A crib is the most important accessory without which no mother can cope with the baby-rearing responsibility. You can choose from a huge selection of materials, colors, and finishes.

But always look for the JPMA seal on the product. A practical idea is to invest in a convertible crib, which can be converted to bed when your little baby turns a toddler.

Baby changing tables comprising a changing table and changing pad with a strap makes for a safe changing area for the baby.

A dresser is also important for storing the necessary things of the baby in an organized way. A changing table with built-in dresser drawers makes for a long term investment.

Other functional furniture includes such items as a high chair, a toy chest, and a wastebasket. Wood furniture is expensive, but with the change of paint color, they add to the versatility of your kid’s room as he grows up stage by stage.

Next to furniture is important is the choice of the color scheme of the room. Any pastel shade is ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere in the baby nursery.

Bright colored stick-on borders can be used to create borders and then use the same color of the border in the furniture and linens to create a harmonious impact.

So far as the lighting is concerned, go for soft and subdued lighting scheme, preferably with shades. Also use heavy curtains to provide a calm atmosphere to assist the baby sleep better during the daytime.

Avoid the use of edgy and sharp furniture. Instead bring the things with rounded corners. Also keep the glass items in minimum. Throw here and there colorful objects that draw your child’s attention.

Choose fabrics for bed linen as well as for the crib that are easy to clean.

Finally, you do not have to bother to match the design of the nursery to the decor of other parts of the home. It should be created as a   distinguished area in the house. It should look warm and cheery.

This is the place where your child starts to learn the meaning of security and family bonding. The nursery must reflect this spirit in the scheme of its design.