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Planning A Romantic Honeymoon

Honeymoon the word conjures up the image of a secluded place and beautiful, young couple absorbed in each other’s company completely cut off from the mundane life, swept away by the feel of the moment.

Honeymoon which traditionally means the first journey of a couple after the wedding is probably the most romantic of all our travel experiences that we have in our lifetime.

It is a kind of extension of your wedding ceremony, only this part of the wedding is celebrated by only two of you.

The women all over the world have at least one point in common and that is dreaming about a romantic honeymoon throughout their girlhood.

It is the honeymoon trip which triggers off the journey of the other part of your life and it is probably the only trip of your life when you and your spouse get the opportunity of spending some precious moments in each other’s company, cut off from the discourse of the outside world. So everybody wants to make most out of it.

However you can fulfill your dream of having the most romantic honeymoon without burning a hole in your pocket. It only requires a little imagination and a good amount of planning.

In fact, your bonding as a couple starts to culminate right from the days when you dream and plan about a beautiful honeymoon.

Do you know why honeymoon planning gets so interesting? Because planning together gives you the pleasure of sharing.

While you are planning for honeymoon you are sharing each other’s dreams and getting to know each other’s aspirations.

After all love is all about sharing, is not it? So never let go the chance of planning together.

Believe me, this is the first step of culmination of a great bonding that you are going to share in your future life with each other.

Although traditionally, it is the grooms duty to arrange for the honeymoon, the modern women expect a share in their honeymoon planning.

So, the boys, never make the mistake of planning your honeymoon entirely on your own. It has some surprise value, no doubt.

But the respect you earn from your fiancée by involving her in the planning of honeymoon becomes an important asset for you in the future course of your conjugal life.

And the future brides, you should be considerable and sensible enough throughout the planning process so that the honeymoon does not become the headache for your future husband instead of a means for a romantic escape.

These little pieces of considerations and small sacrifices for each other create the backdrop of a truly romantic honeymoon.

First, a whirlwind dating, then the strain of organizing the wedding party and finally the hustle bustle of the D-day quite a long chain of actions that provides a perfect excuse of a long romantic escape.

You might have known each other for quite some time, but honeymoon is a different experience altogether, well, it is your experience of lifetime.

It is the time for discovering each other in the backdrop of nature. Why nature? Because nowhere else than in the lap of nature you get the proper environment that ignite the passion inside you.

To take the taste of the nature, you must not go for instance to a cruise in Bahamas, right in your backyard you will find a lots of beautiful spots to spend a few days in solace without causing a strain on your budget.

And if you are among those fortunate young couple who do not need to worry over finance, then plan to visit any of the most exotic places in the world.

Honeymoon is all about loving and viewing love for you in the eyes of your spouse. So find out a destination that does not involve much activities.

It may be a dazzling beach, it may be a beautiful cottage on the hill top. But have you ever considered spending the days of your honeymoon in a camp amidst a dense forest surrounded by wild life where there is nobody but the murmur of the trees to accompany you?

You can also consider a trip entirely by driving, if you do not want a predictable honeymoon.

Amidst the nature, through the confrontations and exploration of the unknown, these adventurous honeymoon trips will teach you the first lessons in caring and sharing for each other.

This will unfold before you the romantic sides of your relationship.

After all being romantic means the ability to discover beauty out of cliché and in your joint endeavor of exploring nature you will learn how to look at the positive sides of life. This learning is the foundation of a happy married life.

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