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Romance On Wheel

There are times in our lives when everything gets dull and we no longer find any spark in our relationships. This is the time to recharge your energy by inflicting a dash of romance in your married life.

A romantic escape is a wonderful solution to brighten up your relation and discover afresh the affection that both of you secretly nurture in your hearts but do find the scope to out with it.

Do not worry, you will get enough opportunity to fall back in each others arms and feel the unspoken words of your beloved right in your heart while away from the hustle bustle of daily chores.

The only thing is that you have to flee far from the madding crowd where anything related to mundane life will not come in your way of romantic intimacy.

Most of us tempted by the possibility of such a romantic gateway, but the thoughts of preparation for journey make us back out from the entire idea of setting off on a vacation.

But what if you do not have to make any immaculate planning, buying tickets, booking flights, etc? Thinking how it can be possible to make a journey without planning? It is possible if you simply own a car.

Making a vacation all by driving is not only romantic, but it will also cause an extra rush of adrenaline on your blood and take you back to the days when you could do anything for the sake of love.

It has been since quite long that you have been dreaming of doing something exciting to get back that missing something in your relationship and believe me, there can be no better way to boost up your spirit than taking up this kind of adventure.

There are lots of fun associated with the long drive with your sweetheart sitting just beside you and if you are wary of driving, believe me, sitting on the wheel and running through the greenery of the countryside is an altogether different experience from driving in the messy urban streets.

Just after you cross the border of the city and step into the rural surroundings, the nature becomes so vast and varying that you will never become tired of driving.

Traveling by road is especially romantic for it gives you immense flexibility and does not tie up to any time bound precision. You can be wild and impulsive in your roaming, making an impromptu stop here and there or changing your rots as and when you choose to.

Imagine the ecstasy of kissing your wife beside a waterfall, or beholding the panoramic sunset in the horizon arms in arms or simply romancing amidst the vast expansion of magnificent nature.

Then while traveling by your own car, you are not bound to take shelter in roadside motels at nights. Why not experimenting with spending your night right under the starry sky on the bed of green meadow?

Or if you find the climate is not that friendly, you can carry a portable tent within your car dickey. With that tent make out an impromptu home in the middle of wilderness of nature and spend the night in the warmth of each other’s company and renew your passion for each other.

Also, carry a bottle of Cognac to spice up the thing while taking your dinner by the side of the make-shift bar-b-cue after long days of driving.

To make the whole thing more adventurous, do not plan about any destination in advance, and move on as long as you can without being fatigued.

Maybe you will find yourself in a lonely valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks. There are hundreds of interesting places that you can discover together and you will sure to find how romantic a holiday on wheels can be.

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