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Relationship Advice: How To Make The Man You Love Commit To You?

Relationship Advice: How To Make The Man You Love Commit To You?

Many women feel insecure because they are unable to make their man commit to them. Do you feel this way too?

If you do, then you must be wondering what you will have to do to make the person that you love, love you back, and stay committed to you. Am I not right?

You need to understand that if you want to make a man commit to you then you should make yourself irresistible in his eyes.

Make sure that he finds you attractive

You have to know that sometimes men tend to lose interest in the women that they are dating and you need to make an effort to make sure that he finds you attractive all the time.

This way, he will not lose interest in you and he will think of committing to you. Keep in mind that you need to make yourself look good all the time.

There are some women who feel that they do not have to bother to look good when they are in front of their boyfriend of many months.

However, this is not true. You should still make an effort to appear beautiful whenever you are with him.

Do not play games with him

It is also important for you to know that you should not play games with your lover. Always remember that only teenagers play games.

If you try to play hard to get then he will not think that you are interested in something permanent with him.

Surely, this is not something that you want? When you are with the man that you love, you should be straightforward with him and you should also be honest.

Show him your true self

Make him see your true self and not someone that you are portraying to be. Surely you want him to love you for who you are and not someone that you aren’t?

Never ever make the mistake of pressuring him to commit to you. Instead of saying anything to him about commitment, you should show him that you are serious about him and that you will like to have a long-lasting relationship with him.

If you pressure him when he is not ready, chances are that he will run as far as he can from you.

Last but not the least; keep in mind that sometimes making your man jealous can make him realize your importance in his life.

You can try to make him jealous by spending some time with your male friends or by making him realize that there are other men who want to be with you too. This is something that has proved to be effective for others and you can try this too!

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