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Romantic Ideas For Anniversaries

Anniversaries are meant to commemorate the very first time when you exchanged your vows of commitment, either to each other or through a wedding celebration.

Often, however, people celebrate this day by having dinner. Not that such cannot be special, but come on. It has become a pass.

Anniversaries deserve something better, something memorable that you could share with your kids and your grandkids in the future.

Hence, here are some romantic ideas on how to celebrate anniversaries. Hopefully, they’d give you an idea on how to commemorate such a day in a way that would make your partner feel very special and so much loved.

  1. You may reminisce about the beginning of your love story, either through a series of gifts or maybe a series of dates.

Start by recollecting the significant moments in your relationship, and relive each moment. You can do so through a collage or a scrapbook, or maybe something digital if you’re into it, whatever suits you both.

You can also visit each memorable place and rekindle the past, say, the first kiss at the park, the first date at a particular pizza place, the first time you held hands in the school parking lot, etc.

A reminder of how your love once blossomed could intensify your feelings for each other, and no doubt those memories will make you smile.

2. If you are both busy people, try a weekend away from everything else, maybe out of town.

Go to a place where no one else knows you and you are free to act any way you want to. You can pretend to be an eloping couple or be like crazy kids, chasing each other.

Explore new places as you both explore each other. Sharing more special moments nurture the relationship and variety can bring a relationship to new heights too.

3. A renewal of vows is a good way to celebrate an anniversary, especially if you’ve been together for quite a while now.

Renewing vows expresses that sincere desire to stay in the relationship and continue being happy with that person.

It brings a higher level of security for one another because it means that even after all these years, we have not grown tired of each other.

This renewal of vows can be done in private, but may also be done with a lot of your friends and relatives as witnesses, similar to how a wedding goes.

4. If both of you have been living in chaos

Harassed at work, tired of taking care of the crying babies, and can’t really afford out of town vacations, try something completely normal and laidback this time.

You may take your children to a trusted relative or friend, while you simply stay at home and just enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company, as if you were newlyweds, with nothing to worry about except expressing your love for the other person.

5. You can also choose to spend simple activities just enjoying each other’s company.

Have a picnic, cook for each other, fly a kite, go to a carnival, sing duets, dance, or even just stay in bed for the entire day.

After all, all we really need is some peace and quiet, plus a whole lot of love!

6. Surprise your partner.

Whatever you have in mind, whatever you think would please him/her, just go ahead and surprise him/her!

Everyone loves surprises, especially when they’re declarations of love! And the more original your plan is, the more kisses you’re likely to get.

7. Get him/her something special, something one of a kind.

It can be some customized thing, but it would be better if you yourself could make something. This shows just how a great deal of effort you put into the gift, and this reflects the effort you give in the relationship.

8. Dress up like a genie and grant him/her wishes!

But tell him/her the rule is you cannot give material things, rather, what you will grant are things that he/she wishes you to do.

It is up to you if this is valid only during the day or an entire month. Say, back massages every other day, cook a meal for her, dress up in that really sexy lingerie. Your mantra would be, ‘Your wish is my command!’

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