Safety Measures For Two Common Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries
Safety Measures For Two Common Sports Injuries

If you are interested in sports and love to participate in any event either actively or on the sidelines, you can meet with sports injuries anytime.

The joint dislocation or the ligaments tearing are very common. Pain in the muscles is obvious. Sometimes the injury level exceeds the level of simple sprains and pains and causes bigger hazards like fractures etc.

Every game has its own set rules and set problems. Therefore the way you will be injured while on the football field might not be similar in the boxing ring. But both are regarded as sports injuries.

Individual sports events have their own preventive measures but at some point there are common protective ways for your safety. The treatments are fast and a slight alertness can help you to play safe.

Injuries on bike and bicycle

Kids love to ride the bikes all over. It is fun and gives lots of exercise. Injuries while riding a cycle can take place at anytime.

The child can strike another vehicle while crossing the road, hit something while riding or fall down on his or her own.

Habits to be cultivated and followed:

  • Helmets should be worn at all cost. There are major risks that are associated with  head injuries. A helmet is the most convenient protective gear while riding a cycle.
  • Wearing the helmet in a correct manner is mandatory. It should not be loose just touching the surface of your head but firmly fixed as a head guard.
  • Gloves and protective goggles are also to be used while bicycle riding.
  • Leaving apart these physically precautionary measures, you must know the traffic laws very well and try avoiding the highways and the main road because they are the most accident-prone zones.

Breaking bones at basketball

Basket ball is a great sport, great for exercise and entertainment. However, basketball is no different from other sports, it has its injuries as well.

If you have a look on the record of basketball injuries, the figures will panic you to say a big no to basketball playing. About 1.6 millions of players are hurt just by playing basketball.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Before moving into the court, heighten your body fitness and flexibility to the optimum level.
  • Don’t jump into play directly, because your muscles should gain a momentum to catch up with the speed of the game. So a warm up session prior to the actual event is always suggested. The warm up should include jogging, fast walks and a few free-hand exercises. Stretch your limbs and muscles to raise the flexibility.
  • Shoes specified made for the game must be worn. No other sneakers are allowed. Now don’t even try to put on some other shoes while at practice considering that it won’t matter. You can break your leg in the rehearsal itself and just sit dreaming with the injured leg about the final match.
  • Even sports shoes sometimes become the cause of an accident and injury on the court. The problem is not the shoe but its wear and tear capacity. Therefore before putting on the shoes, make it a habit to thoroughly check the soles and sides of the shoes. They should be skid free.
  • Finally the court should be smooth and free from any foreign particles like pebbles and small stones and of course no holes and piles of dirt.

It might happen so that even after all precautions from your side you have got a fracture in the elbow joint. The cause was not you and not even the co-players but the court floor. Who’s the ultimate victim?