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Show Your Children That You Love Them

According to the renowned child psychologists around the world, the three essential elements for the personality development of the children are love, security, and respect.

The children are the most precious gifts from God and the best way for the parents to thank God for such a special gift is to create a home that showers unconditional love on their children. Loving the children is not a matter of compulsion, but the best thing that happens to one’s life.

As parents, it is essential to make constant efforts to let them know how much you love them and how valuable they are to you. The children love to see how genuine your feeling for them is.

As parents how can we communicate our love to our children? Taking clues from the guide below shows your children how treasured they are.

Communication of love

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There is nothing like direct verbal confession of love to your child. Hug them and touch them in the slightest of the pretext and kiss them as many times as possible.

When they are little older say, “I love you” several times a day, before dropping for the school, after they come from the playground and any time you wish. Also, tell them how blessed you feel in being their parent and how much you like them the way they are.

Your tone, facial gesture, body language all is indicative of the unconditional love for your child. The children are particularly intuitive in comprehending the non-verbal gestures of love. In fact this helps your child to bloom into an adorable personality.

Spending quality time

Many parents confuse between showing love and showering precious gifts on children to make them understand how much they love them. But the two most important gifts that children want from you are time and attention.

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Make it a point to share some time with your children and what matters is the quality of the time and not the duration.

Quality time is the time when the child gets undivided attention from you. Earmark a part of the day when you will be able to be with your child and pay undistracted attention to what she is saying and what she is doing.

Engagement in interactive games is a good way of spending quality time. During those times just try to be the mother or father of your child, keeping aside all the worries of mundane existence.

Switch off your mobile and do not let the rest of the world come into the way of you and your kid. This undistracted attention will make your child feel special and valued.

Taking active interest

While with your child, just try to get back to your childhood days and try to remember the activities that gave you immense pleasures.

Teach your child to those mischievous antics and also try to listen and learn the new games that she tries to teach you. Develop some secret codes or words of love that only you will share with your child.

Take an active interest in what she loves to do. If she likes to draw, help her with the art, if she loves stories, read out to her. If she loves to dance, then just switch on the sound system and dance it out.

Make them feel how respectable they are

Make it a point to create a proud display of your child’s work of art and achievements. When you have to discipline her, do not emphasis on the negative aspect, but always show her the right way of getting things done.

Speak a lot of good things about her to someone else within her hearing distance, it boosts up her confidence. Help to build up their decision-making ability by gifting freedom in little matters like the choice of dress, the invitation of the friends at a birthday party, and other little things. Shower them complements even for the smallest achievements.

Last but not the least, you can best show your affection by not repeating those behaviors of your parents which as a child you never liked. As a parent you are the only person in the whole world who can present two priceless gifts to your child;

first is the values on which her entire existence is founded and second is self-reliance. There comes a time in every parent’s life, when your little baby finds her wings and all set to fly out of the nest in search of the bigger world. This is your turn to raise a toast to your achievements; your child is a confident man today.

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