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Sitting Back: How To Select Your Living Room Furniture

How many of you take your living rooms for granted? If you are honest to yourselves, you will realize that most of us will have to answer yes.

This is one room in the house that is perhaps used more than any other, and yet we pay very little thought to its d├ęcor and furniture. In this article, therefore, we will set that right and address the question of how to select your living room furniture.

If you look around, you will find an absolute flood of marketing offers for you living room furniture, because furniture manufacturers realize that once you set your mind to it, furnishing the living room requires more care than other parts of the house.

This is the room, after all, where we relax, watch TV, read, chat, and even eat at times. For obvious reasons, our living rooms are usually larger than the other rooms in our homes.

This merely means that there are a lot of options when it comes to the question of how to select your living room furniture. For starters, no living room can do without a coffee table. Actually, this can be called an al-purpose table, because it is the repository of all the assorted things that you pick up or set down when you enter or leave the house.

So the coffee table will hold your mail, books and magazines, probably even car keys, and other assorted junk. The coffee table can be made either of wood or some metal, but it is quite common for it to have a glass top.

Next comes the most important part of a living room: the seating area. In most homes, this area reflects the attitude of the family towards relaxation and leisure, so a few stuffed sofas or armchairs are the norm.

Some living rooms even have sofa-cum-beds, but these are usually exceptions. In general, you will have to put in a couple of couches and a few chairs. If your living room is fairly large, you can install a full set of six chairs, but otherwise, you have to make do with four. In any case, the chairs should be comfortable to sit on rather than resemble dentists’ chairs.

Now for the TV and its surrounding objects, which are important parts of your living room. Normally, the TV is located on a separate table or flat surface that indicates its importance in the average American home, but with the various new flat screen models available these days, you can hang it on the most convenient wall.

Whatever you do, you will probably also install a system of shelves behind the TV area. And next to or beneath the TV itself may be placed a small cabinet to accommodate the DVD player and stereo, with the shelves given over to your collection of CDs and DVDs.

In addition to all these, you will also need cabinets, floor lamps, area rugs, and bookcases to give your living room that cozy look. There now, did you think it was tough to select furniture for your living room?

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