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Ski Gear You Need

When you get ready to go skiing, you need to know that there is a variety of equipment that you will need. While most of the equipment that you need must be purchased at ski shops, there is some equipment that is best purchased in discount stores for better prices.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have everything you need before you get to the slopes! The equipment is divided into categories, and those categories are actual equipment, clothing, accessories, and safety items.

Equipment that you need obviously includes your skis, ski boots, and ski poles. You may also need a bag for your ski boots, and a bag for your ski gear.

You will also need goggles, a helmet, and sunglasses if your goggles don’t double as sunglasses. You may additionally need a ski bag, a ski carrier, and a ski lock.

Clothing that you will need includes gloves or mittens. Ideally, you should carry two pairs, because one will invariably get wet.

Long insulated underwear, which includes a top and bottoms, should be worn. Look for long underwear that has moisture-wicking to draw moisture away from the skin.

You should layer your clothing. This is very important. You never know what is going to happen, and your clothing needs to protect you from the elements in all situations.

Over your long underwear, you need a turtle neck shirt that will keep your neck warm. Go for warmth over fashion here. Over that, you need a sweater or fleece top, and over that, you need a ski jacket that is insulated and waterproof.

You also need a scarf to wrap around your neck as well. Go with a scarf that can alternately be wrapped around your head and your neck if necessary.

Over your long underwear, you need to wear warm bottoms, such as sweats, with ski pants over that. Your ski pants should be insulated and waterproof as well.

When choosing a ski helmet, make sure that you choose one that will also provide warmth for your head and ears. If you cant find one that does this, choose one that will allow you to wear a knit hat over or under it that will keep your head and ears warm. Helmet liners are available, which fit inside your helmet.

Make absolutely sure that you do not wear regular, everyday socks on your feet. You need ski socks or fleece socks, and in some cases, you may need to wear two pairs, and carry an extra pair with you in case the ones you are wearing become wet. The human body loses heat through the hands, feet, and the top of the head.

Accessories you need include sunscreen, lip balm, and a fanny pack to carry these things, as well as a bottle of water and some high energy snack bars.

Choose a fanny pack that won’t encumber you, but that is big enough to carry some essentials. Safety equipment should include a two-way radio, where you can contact someone in an emergency and a flashlight, as well as a box of matches in a waterproof container.

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