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Skiing With Disabilities

Skiing is a great sport even if you have disabilities. If you have any type of disability, you can still ski. You can ski even if you can’t stand up!

The skis and ski lifts do most of the work; all you have to do is enjoy the ride! Skiing will give you a sense of freedom that you can’t find anywhere else, or with any other sport.

There is a multitude of equipment that is now available to cater to people with disabilities, no matter what the disability is.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, or if there is equipment for your particular disability, just call one of the many organizations that are set up to help people with disabilities find joy in skiing.

These organizations are not for profit, and they have programs, lessons, and even the special equipment or the means to get it that you need.

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They will also be privy to the various competitions that are specifically for disabled skiers. These organizations will also point you to the ski resorts that are suitable for your particular disability, as not all resorts will be suitable.

Many resorts will provide a trained ski buddy for a disabled skier. This person literally skis with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to assist if there are any problems.

If a ski buddy will be needed, it is a good idea to call the resort that you plan to visit in advance to ensure that one will be available and provided and to find out what, if any, charge may be associated.

The biggest danger to disabled skiers is to those that have loss of sensation in any part of the body. These people are more prone to frostbite, since they cant feel what is happening to their bodies.

For this reason, it is essential to keep a close eye out for other symptoms of frostbite, such as discoloration of the skin.

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Special lessons are needed for disabled skiers, especially those that cannot control the skis with their legs. Instead, they must learn to control the skies by shifting body weight.

The type of lessons that you need will be dependent on your disability. If the disability is total paralysis, you can still ski, but you can’t ski alone. Instead, special equipment that allows for two people is used, and someone else controls the skis or the equipment.

Learning how to ski, even if you are disabled, doesn’t take long at all. Depending on the disability, you may be out on the intermediate slopes after an hour or two of instruction, but you should consider taking several lessons overall so that you can get the most joy and satisfaction out of the sport of skiing.

You may find the sport so addictive that you are entering national competitions after only a short time of skiing!

Again, find a disabled skiers organization close to your location, and see what skiing has to offer you. There is no disability that you can’t overcome out on the slopes!

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