Spiritual Root Cause And Remedy For Excessive Sexual Thoughts


Mental illness is thought of and treated primarily as disturbance of the mind. However many cases of mental illness are actually a manifestation of an underlying spiritual cause.

As a result they do not respond well or are not cured completely by psychiatric treatment. The underlying spiritual cause needs to be treated by a spiritual remedy.

One of these types of Mental illness is getting plagued with excessive sexual thoughts from a very young age.

The excessive thoughts about sex quite often impact ones work or study. The one affected would find it difficult to concentrate as would often get distracted and would end up day dreaming about some sexual fantasy.

Though some would sincerely try to focus on their work, the sexual thoughts would just keep swarming. It would be a great struggle to fight these thoughts.

Excessive sexual thoughts can be caused by ghosts.

Excessive sexual thoughts are nowadays in most cases spiritual in nature since they are caused by ghosts.

The ghost would plant sexual thoughts in the mind of the individual it has targeted in order to experience the possessed in a sexual way.

Only a spiritually evolved person, above the spiritual level of 70% can accurately, through a highly developed sixth sense, diagnose whether the problem is being caused by something in the subtle dimension or if the root cause is psychological or physical in nature.

For those who do not have an activated sixth sense and who do not have access to a spiritually evolved person, there is a way of intellectually finding out whether the root cause may be in the subtle dimension.

By and large, if the sexual thoughts are not quelled, despite all conventional methods, then one can safely assume that they could be due to a spiritual cause. Among the spiritual causes, in these times it is very likely that it is due to ghosts.

Since the root cause of excessive sexual thoughts is spiritual in nature, along with conventional treatment, this problem needs to be treated with spiritual remedies for early and lasting results.

Spiritual healing remedies for excessive sexual thoughts

  • To rid oneself of excessive sexual thoughts one can chant the following Names of God in sequence: 
    Om Sree Durgaadevyai Namahaa
    Om Namah Shivaaya
    Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya
  • While chanting the above remedial chants one needs to compliment them with a nyaas posture (all 5 fingers grouped together) positioned on the spiritual energy center (chakra) at the navel also known as the Manipur chakra. The spiritual treatment of chanting the above chants should be done as much as possible daily until the excessive sexual thoughts subside and disappear.
  • Apart from the above chanting remedy it is advisable to undertake the salt water treatment daily as this simple remedy additionally and effectively helps in dispelling ghosts.