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Sweet Or Musky, What Scent Are You?

When you get close to a woman or she happens to pass you by whether a friend, colleague, sibling, or mother, do you notice that each one has a distinct fragrance that is their signature scent?

How a woman smells is one of the things that call attention to her.  Usually, too, men love women who smell nice. 

How many TV commercials have you seen where a woman passes men by and one whiff of her scent has them falling all over her?

Perfume and fragrances are as much a part of any woman’s getup as the clothes she wears everyday or the purse she picks for a certain ensemble.

Fragrances for Women

As in almost everything about a woman, choosing fragrances is a process that takes at least a couple of minutes.  Each scent either goes by her mood or what she’s wearing or the occasion. 

A more concentrated perfume oil is perfect for an evening out because they stay on for at least a couple of hours without the scent fading.

This type of perfume is a little more expensive, but you can use it for far longer because just a little drop already gives off a strong smell already. 

For everyday wear, women prefer the more mildly-scented eau de toilette and eau de cologne because they are not too heavy to wear.

Wearing a very strong scent in the daytime is not recommended because you could sweat during the day, and the mixture of sweat and perfume is not a very pleasant combination to anyone’s olfactory.

Some women also prefer the fruity scents while others like the floral scents.  Fruity scents are sweeter while floral scents, although sweet smelling, too, smell more like nature breezy and refreshing.  The woody or musky scents are usually worn for outdoor activities such as playing sports and such.

The Scent of a Woman

Women who have favorite scents, such as their designer cologne or an after bath body spray, usually get the same scent over and over because they feel comfortable with the scent and how it makes them smell.

These are usually the ones they wear regularly so much so that you begin to associate one particular scent for every woman you meet on a daily basis.  Sometimes, without even turning around, you can already tell who is walking behind you by the way she smells.

You can also tell what kind of mood a woman is in by the kind of perfume or cologne she wears.  A stronger smelling perfume could mean she’s in a sexy mood while floral or fruity scents often say that she’s in a playful or light mood.  If she didn’t put any on that day, she’s probably so harassed with work that she forgot, so stay out of her way.

When she wants to attract someone’s attention, she will most surely pair off her scent with the right clothes.  A woman’s confidence is built up when she knows she smells nice, and to know that people think this way, too, further boosts her confidence.

So choose your scents carefully because they can say a lot about you.

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