The Benefits Of Drinking Spring Water


Lately, people are debating about which type of water to drink spring water/bottled water or tap/well water.

Since water is a key component in flushing out impurities and toxins in the body, it is very important to know what you are drinking.

Sometimes spring water and bottled water could be safer than your drinking water. In addition, spring water tastes much better and is more convenient.

Spring water may be safer than your drinking water

Bottled water or spring water is definitely the drink of choice especially if you live in a neighbor with lousy and unsafe tap or well water.

Tap or well water could be contaminated with high levels of chemicals (lead, arsenic and benzene), micro bacteria (bacteria, viruses and parasites), and hazardous materials (glass chips and metal fragments). Imagine drinking all of those disgusting inhabitants every day. Yuck!

In addition, bottled water is also regulated by the FDA which means that the federal government oversees any health risks.

However with drinking water, only state governments would monitor it, which could mean that the quality of drinking water is not as good as bottled water.

Spring water is tasty

Have you ever performed a taste test between spring water and tap water? For some reason, spring tastes much cleaner than the typical tap water.

Reason being, spring water companies are always competing against tap water. Of course, they want to make it much taster.

What would you rather drink on a hot day a nice bottle of spring water or some strange tasting tap water with abnormal impurities?

Spring Water is more convenient

When going to the beach, pool, gym, or traveling locally or further away, you should always bring water with you.

Especially since we need 8 glasses a day, it is so important to hydrate yourself. It is much easier to go into the refrigerator and grab the nearest bottle of water than to kneel down in your cabinets and look for a bottle to carry tap or well water.

Also, you can even have spring water delivery give you a supply of spring water, so you never run out.

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