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The Ideas To Get Back Romance In Married Life

Marriage binds you in a magical relationship that is founded on love and trust. Think of the early days of dating and you will be all chuckling to yourself reminiscing those days of crazy infatuations when the world meant to love and love meant a special person.

Everything around the person seemed so sweet and everything of your partner seemed to be agreeable.

But in course of time romance acquires a different meaning all together. You get married, the honeymoon phase is over and you find in your amazement that everything is no longer the same and your partner has changed a lot.

An amusing point here is that both the partner thinks the other side is wrong. This is the phase of your relationship, when the spouses enter into a power struggle and the whole battle revolves round each other’s efforts to mould the other into an ideal husband or an ideal wife.

It is an interesting and most normal phase of your relationship when infatuation subsides you fighting replace romance.

But this is also the phase in a couples life that teaches the values like sacrificing, sharing and understanding and through this phase the couple reaches the final stage of their married life when there prevails unconditional love and acceptance of each other as they are.

This is the stage of your conjugal life when both of you become realistic in your expectations from each other as you are well aware of the traits of each other’s personality.

There are also conflicts in this stage, but they are resolved with patient handling, and not by fierce fighting.

But at the same time this last stage in your married life is also the dullest when both the spouses take each other for granted.

Several years into your marriage, which is apparently happy as you no longer fight with each other, resolve the issues concerning finance or children most amiably, have no affair outside marriage, yet one fine morning you discover that the spark has gone.

You want to get back to the exciting days of infatuation or at least the days when you quarreled furiously but patched up immediately to find solace in each other’s arms.

But these days as there is no fighting, there is no spice in life as well. That is because you have become so familiar with ways of each other that your life has become utterly predictable and it seems to be devoid of any romance.

A prolonged monotony in married life may lead to depression in any of the spouse. You should remember that married life does not mean a mere continuation of a relationship.

A successful marriage is like growing up of a plant that needs constant watering and daily care. In the absence of requisite care, the plant might still be living, but without any luster of life. A marriage without a dash of romance becomes such lackluster.

On the other hand, if both of you keep on thinking of innovative ways to revitalize your married life, you will find immense joy in living your life and being happy in married life means success in professional life and inculcating the right values in your children.

Here are some tips to add up some spice to your conjugal life to brighten things up

Do you know how communication is important for founding and maintaining any relationship? It is actually acts as the oxygen to any relation.

So communicate your feeling to your spouse frankly to inform that you no longer find any excitement in your married life and you want things to improve.

You may be astonished to find that the feeling is also the same on the other side and him also in his mind was thinking of something like this, only too embarrassed to express it to you. There is a time when one has to break the ice, and why not take the initiative?

One truly effective way of rekindle passion in your life once again is to revisit the spot where you had gone for your honeymoon trip.

A tour through the old places will rush back all the memories of the days when you were so attracted to each other and that will fill up your life with color once again.

Remember, this second honeymoon is only meant for you two and do not invite anybody else to accompany you, not even the children. 

It may sound funny, but it will yield extra ordinary result write a love letter to your spouse. Do not forget to mention how much you love him and mention the qualities for which you love him.

The men, if you are writing a letter to your wives do not forget to mention how you think she has remained so dutiful all these days and how you still like her even after so many years of your wedding.

Why not inviting your spouse to a candle light dinner! Pack off your children to the granny’s home, buy some fine wine, cook up the delicacies your husband loves most, slip into a sexy evening gown and see the spark of joy in your husband’s eyes.

As for those men, who do not possess such organizing skills, can take their wives to a quiet and elegant restaurant for a candlelight dinner and present her some gift which must not be expensive but innovative. These will take you back to the early days of romance.

Surprise your spouse by taking a day off from the work and make the other do the same and head of a nearby resort that you have booked without the knowledge of the other. Spend the whole day arms in arms and rediscover the presence of love in each other’s heart.

Finally, romantic married life is the outcome of creativity and successful married life is the result of sacrifice as well as cooperation.

It is a constant process; both the partners have the responsibility to make things interesting. So while leafing through the magazines or surfing the internet, keep your eyes open to pick up new and interesting ideas that can breathe fresh air in your long married life and make it even happier.

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