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The Value Of An Early Childhood Education

An early childhood education for a child allows them the opportunity to interact with other children.

In an early childhood setting children are encouraged to grow in all areas of development to their fullest potential.

This is accomplished through the use of a variety of activities, which are provided for the children that may or may not be made available to them outside the center.

Many times, children choose not to do something because they may have to do it by themselves. In a center this is not usually the case. The child may choose whether or not to participate, and they usually receive encouragement from the staff.

Children learn through play and experience and this is provided in a center. Centers provide an ideal classroom environment for the children to play in, and also for the teacher to observe evaluate and foster the children’s growth.

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Most centers are consistent with routines. This avoids adding to any confusion in a child’s life. Children are not forced to do anything they do not wish to do. They will usually join in the activity after they witness others having fun.

The Role Of The Early Childhood Education Teacher

Of course the teacher is required to have a Early Childhood Education diploma or any other type of formal education and training.

Their role is to enhance the development of each child by providing the skill to program and implement a variety of activities each day.

The teacher needs to possess many desirable qualities. For example, trust, empathy, creativity, flexibility, patience, understanding, to mention only a few.

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The teacher needs to be knowledgeable in dealing with a variety of behaviors. Some of which may require good behavior management techniques; others may not. It is crucial that each child receive sufficient attention from staff.

The teacher is there to devote her time to the children, not deal with his/her own personal needs when extra time is available. For example, the teacher shall wait until all children have left the center before beginning to program for the next day’s activities.

The teachers of the early childhood education center are not only responsible for the supervision and support of the children, but, also the parents.

The teacher is required to keep the parents informed of any behavior changes, tell them what activities will be taking place and be sure that they know that they are welcome to join the group at any time.

Positive attitudes and positive relationships are helpful in creating good teamwork. Accepting criticism and giving constructive criticism, taking responsibility and respecting others are also helpful in functioning as a good team member.

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