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The Whys And Wherefores Of Body Odor

Your skin is the largest organ of your body (despite what some men may think!) As such, it is part of the breathing apparatus for your body.

The skin is also highly absorbent. To make this more believable to you place a few drops of pure peppermint oil on the souls of your feet. Within 10 to 15 minutes you will taste the peppermint in your mouth.

Nicotine patches and those used for H R T and other medical reasons work exactly the same way, on the absorbency of the skin.

Given the high level of transference from ‘outside’ to ‘inside’ you would really wonder why writing on labels of various preparations states: ‘for external use only’ or ‘not to be swallowed’.

Well folks, what you put on the skin does get to the rest of the body system so be aware of what you readily apply to your skin.

Now, with that snippet of information out of the way, let us return to some of the reasons why body odor exists.

As well as being extremely absorbent the skin is an organ of elimination. When we perspire and the sweat literally drips off us, you get an idea of the volume of fluid transferred to the outer layers of skin.

Many, many toxins are eliminated through the skin in this fashion. Have you ever noticed the relationship between what you eat and your underarm odor?

If you are a heavy meat eater you may not notice a lot of difference. If you only eat meat occasionally, you may note the change in body odor.

You will notice a difference if you dine on Indian (from India) style food with many aromatic spices, as this will come through the body pores.

If, for instance, you participate in any sort of detoxification/cleansing of your body, this can raise the intensity of body smell.

Most likely, your tongue will look white and furry. This is all part of the body ridding itself of accumulated toxins.

Your urine may be quite strong as well during this healing process and this is all very natural. Do be guided by your Health Professional here though.

This process can go on for some time until your body clears itself of the accumulated debris. You will come out of this feeling energized, healthier and in a much better state to avoid what is usually called disease.

So, if you want to ‘smell nice’ without the use of antiperspirants, deodorizers, perfumes and unguents then you need to address the causative.

This is achieved by changing your eating habits and participating in regular cleansing until your body is clearer.

Taking note of the fact above, that your skin is like a sponge taking in what you put on it, the reading of product labels is highly recommended.

If you cannot easily pronounce the name of any of the ingredients then maybe it is a chemical that your body is not handling either.

When your digestive system is operating well with good bowel function then your feces and any flatus will have only a small amount of odor.

This will only occur with particular diet and after your body is well cleansed of old morbid matter.

You are in charge of your health, if you choose to take the job. If not you are at the mercy of outside influences and currents. It is entirely your choice!

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