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Tips on Choosing the Correct Eyeliner

Eye liner is one of the components that make up the makeup kit. It comes in colors that are mostly black and brown and meant for the eyes.

It has a way of adding extra beauty features on the face. The face is one of the body parts that people always focus on.

And as such, making it look glaring and catchy becomes very important. That is one of the reasons women choose to use eyeliners to outline the eyes, making it more prominent.

In choosing an eyeliner, you have to; first of all, know that it comes in various types.

So to make a better choice, you have to know what the different types of eyeliners are, to present and choose appropriately.

  1. Kohl eyeliner

When it comes to the oldest types of eyeliner, kohl eyeliner comes first.

Right before the introduction of other forms of eyeliners, this has already formed part of some women’s beauty kit.

Its popularity arises from traditional use by locals to enhance their beauty. Majority of African countries and a few sides in Asia put on kohl as cosmetics.

For some countries, men and women can apply it, or use it for festivals such as weddings and other important occasions.

The general belief is that kohl eyeliner is therapeutic. It helps to provide a clear vision as well as enhance the growth of the eyelashes, amongst other ideas.

Though there are some misconceptions that different cultures can use other ingredients in their preparation.

So depending on that, what ingredient they use to prepare it will determine if it’s safe or not.

Nonetheless, modernization made kohl eyeliner more sophisticated than before. It now comes in fancier and more diverse forms, such as loose powder and pencil form.

It gives the eyes a sharp darker look. For those who would like to go traditional, this is the best type of eyeliner for you.

  • Liquid eyeliner

Many people may confuse liquid eyeliner with mascara or vice versa unless they take a closer look; as they have the same texture and maybe color.

Well, for some, one of the ways they can identify them is by either checking the name imprinted on the body or by checking the tip. While mascara comes with a brush tip, liquid eyeliner comes with a pointed tip.

That aside, liquid eyeliner comes in a small bottle and used to create a sharp and precise appearance to the upper eyelids.

Most of the time, people may not use it on the lower eyelids, because it is thicker and darker than other forms of eyeliner. Thus, doing otherwise may smear the face rather than enhance it.

There are many types of liquid eyeliner brands that you can go for. While some are long-lasting, some are not. Some are expensive, and others are cheap.

Apart from this, one of the methods to know how good liquid eyeliner is that it will be long-lasting and wouldn’t smear.

A good one comes in a water-proof like texture. It is resistant to tears and other liquid forms. Therefore, you wouldn’t worry about having it all over your eye and face.

  • Wax-based eye pencil

Wax-based eye pencil or simply eye pencil is another form of eyeliner that you can buy to enhance your beauty.

One of the reasons people may go for this type is because it is easier to control than the liquid one.

It isn’t as thick as the liquid one either; therefore, you can apply it at both the upper and lower eyelids without worrying about it leaving too much color.

Most people are familiar with this type, and as such, it is the most common one you can ever find. It is like a pencil that has its graphite changed with a dark and thicker black one.

If you want an eyeliner that can give you a dramatic and defined look, then wax-based eyeliner is the best type for you.

Other forms of eyeliners include powder-based eye pencil, gel eyeliner, and shimmer eyeliners.

Choosing the right eyeliner

Before you choose an eyeliner to make sure you have found just the right one for you, carry out a few tricks and tips beforehand to see how well it works.

What style are you going for?

Eyeliners may serve different purposes sometimes. While you may use liquid eyeliner to create a false extension of the lashes, a wax-based eye pencil may not do the job very well.

Therefore, identifying the purpose of what look you want to have, may give you an idea of the best type of eyeliner to go for. 

Eye size matter

Different persons with different eye sizes wouldn’t get the same result when they use the same type of eyeliner.

That is because what shade you use can either make your eyes narrower or broader. If you have a big eye and want to narrow it, you can use a darker shade of eyeliner.

Alternatively, if you happen to have tiny eyes and want to widen it, using a lighter shade will do. Anyone you choose, just outline the outer part of the eyes to give it a definite look.

Does it smear?

Certain eye pencils propensity to smudge or slur and the effect of this is an unkempt look.

In between your thumb and forefinger, draw a line and afterwards check to see if the eyeliner pencil leaves out a clear and even line without immediate softness as this will ensure you select a good eyeliner.

After choosing the pencil eyeliner, ensure it is sharpened at all times because it will contribute to having a straight line.

Directly above your eyelashes, draw a thin line using light gravity. Afterwards, go through to ensure that you get exactly what you want, if not do it all over again till you get what you want.

What eye shape do you have?

If you want to enhance your eyes to have that perfect look, then be ready to put all these into consideration.

There are different eyeliners for various eye shapes, be it almond, round, hooded, downturned and upturned eyes.

For example, those with hooded eyes will need thicker eyeliner with bold wings to define their eyes better.

Those with round eyes will be better off elongating their eye’s width for it to become balanced, and so on.

What occasion are you attending?

The same way there are so many types of dresses and shoes for different occasions, so it applies to makeup and related beauty care.

How you make up will determine what occasion you are likely to be going for and vice versa; although individual differences may play its part as well.

If the occasion is bold, you can go thick, and if the experience is casual, a lighter shade of eyeliner will do.

Eyeliners are one of the makeup tools you can use to enhance your beauty. But it may not yield the desired result if uses wrongly. Therefore, use it right by choosing the best one for yourself, as aforementioned in this article.

When using eye shadow, use the smallest, thin angle brush to apply the makeup, with soft bristles. If you are using dry eye shadow, pick at it lightly and then apply it.

When using wet eye shadow, slightly damp your makeup brush before an application on your eyelids. Do away with all dampness to avoid getting cracked lines after applying the eye shadow.

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