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Tips To Add Romance To Everyday Life

The boy meets the girl, they fall madly for each other, they get married and set up home, they become parents in due course of time and become mummy and daddy.

But where have gone that young boy and the girl who once so much romantically attracted to each other? They are lost in the labyrinth of the responsibilities of family and kids.

Apparently, the couple seems to be happy surrounded by the kids, but there are times both experience a hollow in their lives and finally learn to accept something is missing in their lives.

When this feeling of blankness invades the minds of the spouses, then happen the bizarre things like extramarital affairs or one of the partners suffering from depression and so on.

But in their lack of communication, they just overlook the possibilities that their own relationship can still offer. But you will also come to see so many happy couples several years into marriage, but look as if still in their honeymoon phase.

What is the secret? Actually they know how to sustain romance in their married life. It is an everyday affair. The marital relationship has often been compared to rose bushes which demand utmost care on a regular basis.

Just like the plants loose their entire luster if not watered regularly, all romance will be lost if you do not work on your relationship on an everyday basis.

Here are some tips to show how you can fill up your daily life with color and mirth to accomplish the most romantic relationship.

Utilize your weekends to its fullest potentials. Plan about some simple but romantic things that you can do together, like a candle light dinner, catching up a romantic movie together and like.

Make it a point to switch off your mobiles so that you are not distracted by the outside world. Also make it clear to your kids, that this span of time is reserved only for the mummy and daddy.

It is a good idea to get them a membership to any hobby center where they should be engaged for that time span and you will get a blast of time together.

Smile and laughter helps to take away the stress out of us in a way that nothing else can do. So add humor to your married life. Narrate the funny things you kids did today or some amusing antics your pet was up to.

To laugh together. If you do not find many ingredients that pull a laugh out of you in your daily life, invest in good joke books or on CDs of hilarious comedies.

When you two are left alone, read aloud the jokes to each other, and laugh out heartily. It will drive out all the tensions and stresses out of your relationship and will walk towards a much-improved relationship. In general, try together to discover the funny sides of life.

Sharing fosters closeness. You have shared your joys and sorrows in giving birth and  bringing up your children. Now you should learn to share less stressful aspects of living.

Share your meals, join some club where you can share quality time in learning things together. What about joining a dance class where you will learn to rediscover the lost love in each other’s eyes while practicing with the rhythm of cha-cha-cha or swing.

Or what about joining a health club to shed the extra pounds that you both have put on in these years and emerge as beautiful as before to see the admiration in the eyes of your loved one?

The idea is to do something together beyond the task of looking after the kids that will enrich you in a similar capacity and increase the connection between each other.

Finally do not let the conflicts linger and bad feelings prevail over the affection you share for each other. It is healthy to have your share of fights, but if you do not take initiatives to resolve them quickly, you will never experience romance in your marital life.

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