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Tips To Get Your Hair Straight

The other day one of my close friends visited my place. We were meeting after a year. So already things were heavy on the emotional side and both of us were extremely elated that finally we can spend some time together.

I was on the verge of the final countdown of her arrival and the calling bell went ding dong. I zoomed to the door and opened it wide to give her a courteous welcome.

Of course full of warmth! But I was pulled back after I stood before her; I mean it was someone else. My extreme anxiousness to meet her took a 180-degree turn and made the entire appeal repulsive.

I fumbled for a while but quickly managed the whole thing giving a jerk to the voice cord, yes what do you want? She squeezed her eyebrows with a sly smile and hugged me tight saying aloud I want you!

I jumped aside for a fraction of a second and then rolled in laughter.

Good gosh! This is unbelievable. Your face has completely changed and now I find what is new in it. The straightening of your hair! Where did the curls go, my dear?

Your appearance has completely changed with this flat, long, straight hair. What more can I say than simply go wow on this superb surprise you have given me in my lifetime.

How did you bring about this change? What is the way to get the hair straightener? I want to know the full story.

Even I might apply something like that. Nothing radical but for me, you have been a reason to give a jerk.

The rest of the part will be narrated by my friend who will give some great tips of straightening the hair.

  • You require a flat iron hair straightening apparatus fixed with ceramic plates that can not only straighten your hair but also give it a smooth feel.
  • Whatever be the quality of your hair, straightening bothers it not. The hair straightening tool can overrule any type, any quality easily, and can even bring back life to damaged hair.
  • How will you use the ceramic-plated straightening apparatus to straighten your hair? Very simple! You can easily floor someone by your flat hairstyle.
  • You need to take around two inches of hair and plug it in between the plates of the hair straightening apparatus. Then roll the flat iron as if pressing the hair.
  • But the rule to be followed here is the flat iron has to be used in a straight direction from top to the bottom. Therefore it will first strike the roots of the hair, then the body, and finally come down to the end tips.
  • If you can get hold of a hair straightening apparatus that is run with the help of heat produced by infrared technology, the effect you will get is the best.
  • Your hair can be easily straightened by removing all sorts of twists and curls and also the damped portions due to extra moistening. The heat absorbs all those.
  • And you can really get a mirror quality of your hair. The shine will shake the rest of the world and your prince charming will get tempted to rest below the silky feel of your hair from the slightest touch.

I was enchanted as I could visualize the narrative. And nothing that great to be mentioned! Actually I have already fixed up an appointment with the salon, the best one around town to get my hair straightened. Is that okay?

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