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Tips To Wipe Out Candle Wax From Carpets

Have you arranged for a candlelight dinner at your place with your fiancé tonight? How romantic!

The whole ambiance will be blessed by the aromatic thrill of the candles and spread the echo of compassion and love from the bottom of your heart.

Your fiancé will find you in an all-new charm and reciprocate your love in the true sense. Two eyes will meet under the shadow of the glittering candlesticks and two hearts will vow to live together for seven ages!

Do candles spread the light of love? They do. But you still feel a bit shaky about this arrangement. Why?

Last time the experience was bitter because the candles started spilling and damaged the fabrics of your carpets. True!

Now when you have already sent for the invitation how can you step back? It is a matter of heart and a great way to impress your beloved.

How can you let this opportunity go on such a trifle matter like candle wax causing damage to your carpet flooring?

Hey let your love evoke the essence of this universal phenomenon and let the candles spread the light being the sole witness of this truth. Quite metaphysical, does this sound? Never mind!

And to be at par with the physical state you better keep yourself well informed about how to remove candle wax from carpets or any other fabrics.

Both your purposes are served. Your love remains forever and you are not pressed for altering or mending carpets every time you light up candles, which burn to spill some wax on the carpets.

Leave now the emotional blend of candle and carpets. Instead learn the practical methods how to protect the carpets from the sticky and solidified accumulation of wax.

i     No big deal! Only you will have to arrange for some paper towels, better to have white ones and an electric iron.

ii      When the candle wax has already solidified the first thing you need to do is pluck the wax and throw it out.

iii      Be careful in this initial step of removing wax. The wax blocks that come out easily with a slight pinch of the fingers should only be removed in this way. Otherwise there is a chance of the soft fibers to be plucked, torn and get destroyed.

iv     Don’t ever use knifes of some digging equipments to bring out the spilled wax from your carpets. This will cause severe damage to the fabrics and even fade away the luster of that portion.

v      After wiping out the wax by using fingers you should switch on the iron. After the iron has gotten heated, gently apply it on the area where the candle wax has been spilled.

vi      What do you observe? Just apply your common sense. What can happen to wax once it comes in contact with heat. No wonder, it has to melt. Similarly it happens here.

vii      But here is a note of caution. The application of iron should not be directly on the wax because the melted wax will again spread over a greater area of the carpet fibers. Therefore here comes the use of the white paper towels.

One more thing you should be cautious of is the temperature of the iron. It should not be hot but simply warm and this is mandatory for silken carpets.

The paper towels are actually kept firmly on the waxed portion of the carpets as if you intend to iron it. Run the iron with gentle pressure and see the change.

Slowly, the white color absorbs some colorful substance that is nothing but the candle wax turned liquid.

On this happy note, enjoy your candlelight dinner and have a great time with your fiancé!

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