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Two Words That Separate The Online Winners From The Quitters

Ask five people what to do to be successful when starting a business and you will probably get five different answers.

Everything from, “you absolutely have to have a business plan” to “failure is eminent without my new software.”

Although a business plan is very important and there are some very valuable software applications to grow a business, there is one aspect of success that seems to be very hard for many people to overcome.

Here’s a story to illustrate the point. A friend, named Joe wanted to start an internet marketing business.

Before he began selling anything he hired someone to coach him. The coach did not have any really revolutionary ideas, pretty much the same as the other guru’s but he was honest with Joe when he needed to hear the truth.

Joe followed his instructions on researching profitable niches. Once Joe’s coach emailed him with a suggestion that he thought would make it easier for Joe, but Joe responded saying that he thought the suggestion made by his coach was nearly impossible.

Joe told him, “I cannot do that, it’s too hard.” The response from the coach was paramount to Joe’s success. It changed everything for Joe. He replied saying, “Joe, if you think you can’t then you’re probably right.”

Joe understood what his coach was getting at. Joe’s own thoughts about what he thought he could and could not do were holding him back.

Joe decided that very day that he could in fact do what his coach suggested to find a profitable niche.

That’s right, he made a decision that he could do it and that he would not give up. Not only did Joe find a very profitable niche, but he also found ten profitable niches.

Joe quickly started his first internet business selling a hard-good product and it turned out to be a total success. This rest as they say is history.

Ask yourself, what could you do if you removed “I can’t” from your vocabulary and weren’t hindered by what you think are your abilities.

Joe knew nothing about the niche he started in and even so his business took off like gangbusters.

He learned about his product as he went along. He didn’t know how to build a website but he learned.

Joe’s success had nothing to do with a large starting capital because he started with less than 300.

Your success at any business venture has very little to do with talent, money you have to invest, knowledge about the product and a whole host of other excuses that people come up with about why they can’t start an internet business.

Your success does have everything to do with your determination to succeed and perseverance when challenges come your way.

Now don’t go and throw money down the toilet because you don’t want to give up, please use common sense.

If you haven’t made any money after a couple of months don’t decide that online marketing isn’t for you.

Consider moving on to find another niche. There are millions of hungry buyers in thousands of niches waiting to buy.

Keep plugging away until you find a need to meet in a specific niche and fill that need. It will only take a few months to get to know your market.

Every single month, there are millions of people searching for information on how to make money on the internet, yet less than 3% of those people ever actually make any money.

The difference among those that succeed and those that do not is that the ones who make money don’t back down when faced with the same challenges that all online marketers face.

It comes down to this, you have to delete the phrase, “I can’t” from your vocabulary. Don’t be one of the 97% that give up right before you strike gold.

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