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What It Takes To Be A Millionaire

First of all, someone who is a millionaire is not necessarily someone who is smarter than the average person. Being smart does not mean that money and success fail into your hands. 

Becoming a millionaire is often as much based on luck as it is on skill. That is not to say that any dummy can achieve millionaire status.

What it does mean is that even the best plans, the most opportune inventions, investments or ideas, will not make it without hard work and some good luck.

Sometimes the thing that makes you successful, that brings that money in, can be an idea you can use over and over in slightly different terms and find it continues to make you money.

You need to understand that it is not dependent on your age, your race, your IQ or your gender that will bring your ideas and plans to fruition and make you a millionaire.

Sometimes, it’s who you know, what bank manager you were able to convince that day to get a loan to start your business or the fact that the summer was hotter than usual and your new invention was just what everyone needed to cool down. 

You can become a millionaire by your working hard for yourself, but there are other ways as well.

Other people have made their first million by careful investment and living beneath their means.

Instead of buying that expensive, bigger new house in the fancier neighborhood, the flashier car and the latest in entertainment technology they have refrained and instead put their money into investments that will guarantee them large returns.

Some have used the 401K plans available at the places where they work to save their money and been surprised at how the money mounts up.

The only downside to this plan is that when you take the money out you will have to pay taxes on it since you did not before.

Others have used their foresight in becoming millionaires by investing in real estate. Many will say that real estate is a risky thing to invest in.

Housing prices are always fluctuating and there seem to be regular downturns in the housing market before they turn back up. But, real estate does not always mean housing.

Some of the smartest investors, now holding millions in their banks, have invested in stores, becoming landlords who cater to the retail needs of the people and there are always retailers looking for space.

Others have bought land and sat on the investment for years until the city spreads and the land they rented to the local farmer to graze his cattle becomes wanted by builders to enlarge the bedroom communities near the big cities. Investments like this take years to mature, but have proven very successful.

No matter what a person does to make their money and how fortunate they have been when their ideas turn them into millionaires, it still is so much the luck of the draw that all you can do is spend carefully, invest wisely and hope for some good luck.

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