Types Of Auto Tuning


Auto tuning is the way to go if you want to customize your car to your own specifications. As you know, cars are mass-production products. 

Car manufacturers, therefore, usually rely on popular opinion or preferences when it comes to designing their cars. Thus, car manufacturers produce average cars for the average car buyer.

Through auto-tuning, you can veer away from the average to make your car truly your own. Through auto-tuning, your car can become a true reflection of your driving and car preferences. 

For instance, you can fine-tune your automobile’s engine so that it will give you the best performance (e.g. the greatest mileage for the least possible amount of fuel). 

In a nutshell, fine-tuning is a great way for improving your car’s performance so that you’ll find more pleasure out of driving your car.

Auto Tuning for Performance

Auto tuning hobbyists and enthusiasts usually start with the engine when fine-tuning their cars.  Some are content with merely modifying their car’s electronic control unit (ECU) for optimal engine performance. 

Modifying a car’s ECU can yield great power and great engine response. 

On the other hand, some people go beyond simple engine tuning and actually modify their engine parts. 

Specifically, they add performance-enhancing equipment to their cars’ engines.

Auto tuning, however, doesn’t stop at engine tuning. Since optimizing the car’s overall performance is usually the aim of auto-tuning, changes are also usually made to a car so that it will have better suspension or improved aerodynamics. 

To improve suspension, the car’s springs and other components that can contribute to the car’s suspension are usually fine-tuned or even replaced outright. 

To improve aerodynamic performance, on the other hand, some car body parts are replaced by lighter materials, or somebody kits or parts are added to the car’s body.

Auto Tuning for Style

Auto tuning has now come to mean more than just optimizing a car’s performance on the road. Now, auto-tuning has begun to encompass changes to the car’s exterior and interior that may or may not add up to a better-performing car but will surely result in a much better looking one.

Now, autotuning can be done to improve an automobile’s look. For instance, a car owner can modify an ordinary sedan to make it look like a special-edition sports vehicle by modifying the wheels and the car body as well as having it body-painted. 

The interior of the car is also modified. Chrome parts can replace plastic parts and the interior may be outfitted with custom-pattern leather seats.