Affiliate Program: A Beginner’s Guide

Affiliate Program: A Beginner's Guide
Affiliate Program: A Beginner's Guide

Are you an avid Netizen? Then you might be familiar with the term, affiliate marketing. A number of times the term has sparked off your curiosity, but you could not quite cipher out what the term actually refers to.

Well, now you have reached the right place, for this article explains the fundamental points of affiliate marketing for an easy understanding of the concept.

To start from scratch; at the time of surfing the net, you might have clicked a number of times on the banners or links only to be carried over to another website selling a particular product.

Well, the former was an affiliate’s website trusted for the promotion of the product of the latter.

Sometimes you get emails containing links that also take you to certain sites. Here also you are responding to another kind of affiliate program.

The entire concept works like this: a company has a certain product to sell, preferably through its website.

Now it creates an automated process, where other websites are offered to join hands with this manufacturer’s website with an agreement to promote its products.

These promoting websites place links and banners on their websites and on clicking on the links you will be taken to the company’s website where you can buy the product or services.

The owners of these promoting websites earn a commission for taking you there. The job done by promoting websites is simply referred to as affiliate marketing.

Take this example for a better understanding: Perhaps you’ve created a website that deals with the craft of candle making.

Suppose people who share the same passion for this craft visits your website. Then sprinkle up recommendations all over the pages.

They might click on the link that takes them to the wax suppliers site and makes some purchase.

And you earn some commission. Then your website may point toward a certain magazine on the art and take the visitor to their website where he eventually makes an annual subscription for the magazine.

And yet another commission earning for you! The series seems to continue and all the time you keep on getting your commission right away.

Now, what are the possible ways of getting the commission? Well, there is a number of ways, how the affiliates are paid their dues.

The way of paying commission however depends on how the company you’re affiliated to chooses you to pay.

In general, you can get a commission for every impression, for every click, for every lead, or for each sale.

However, your earning will be higher as more and more visitors from your site make purchases on the company’s website.