Auto Transport Service


Auto transport companies are a great help come moving time. When you’re moving overseas, you’re unlikely to want to drive all the way to your destination just so you can take your car with you. 

Even interstate moves can be tedious, especially if you are driving. For your convenience, therefore, you can choose to let auto transport companies move your car for you.

Auto Transport Options

Auto transport companies offer their customers various options. If you want complete security for your car, you can specify that your car travel in a closed container van. 

This is a good option if your car has a long way to go.  If it is being transported through much shorter distances, though, an open-air transport vehicle should do. Getting your car transported in a closed van will cost you more than open-air auto transport.

Some auto transport companies can also pick your car up from its present location and transport it directly to the destination that you will specify. 

On the other hand, you can request that it be picked up from the company’s duly designated pick up station (you’ll have to drive it there first) and have it delivered to the company’s pick up station in your city of destination (from where you’ll have to personally pick the car up). 

Naturally, auto transport services that include home pick-up cost more than the other option.

Finally, auto transport companies can also provide rush transport services. For instance, if you are pressed for time (say, you are moving very suddenly), then you will have to find an auto transport company that can give you immediate service.  Usually, too, cars are transported in batches to maximize revenues. 

However, if you’re in a hurry, you may request that the transport truck leave the company’s depot in less than full capacity.  In both rush cases, you’ll have to pay extra.

Auto Transport Tips

It would be much more economical for you if you contact your auto transport company plenty of time before your scheduled move. This way, you won’t have to pay unnecessary rush charges.

You should also check the reputation of the auto transport company that you have decided to use. Make sure that you’re using a professional auto transport company. You don’t want to get your car delivered to you in little bits and pieces, right?

Finally, don’t forget to get auto transport insurance.  If something happens, you’d better make sure that you’re covered.