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Understanding Love And Strengthtening It Further in Six Ways

What is Love?

Love is the world’s sweetest emotion. This is the most precious feeling that one has in his life. This is the thing that keeps one going when one is passing through the dangerous and dreadful phase of life.

There are many different types of love such as parental love, siblings love, friends love, etc., which occur at different ages and stages of life.

Stages and ages of love experience and affection in one’s life

Stage 1: Immediately a child is born

When one comes into this world, he or she immediately gets the love of his parents, grandparents, etc. Yes, the feeling of pure love all starts the moment a child is born.

It’s true that some babies become affectionate when they feel the love from parents and siblings, but many, as newborns, feel attachment the moment they’re born.

Stage 2: At the age of 3 and above

At times, his needs are satisfied by their love. At the age of three and onwards, he needs his brother’s and sister’s love.

When he grows further, he needs the love of another companion, which we call friendship sometimes and at other affairs.

Stage 3: At teenage

At teenage, he is attracted by the opposite sex. If a girl is in her teenage, she is attracted by the opposite sex that is male, and boys in their teens are attracted by females.

You often heard that teenagers have fallen in love with their teachers, any grown-up male or female in the neighborhood, etc.

Love is in the nature of every human being, it cannot be overcome by any other feeling prevailing in this world.

So, one starts the search for his love from the day he is born. He sometimes satisfied by his love and sometimes not.

However, always keeps the hope to find his ideal love in his life. Sometimes he is played by others, sometimes he plays with others because the issue of flirting is in full swing nowadays.

Love and True Love

Surely, love is the world’s sweetest thing, but true love is hard to find. Therefore, in the search for true love, young people often break the hearts of others involved with them.

So, make sure that you are giving you precious emotions to the one who is quite capable to be loved by you.

This will not help you in making a selection of your appropriate love, but also save them from the sin of breaking and playing with the hearts of other human beings.

Difference between love and true love

Actually, love is true love and vice versa. There is really not much difference is the way you feel about each other, and how you treat it. True love is just committed and selfless, as opposed to being egocentric.

The summary is that true love is expressed by the tenderness attached to it, passion, desire, feeling of warmth, and a sentiment. It cannot be described in words.

Love without judgment

Falling in love is nature’s drug. Meeting someone who is special to you gives the same buzz as cocaine, studies revealed, but you have to love sincerely without judgment.

Do not specialize in measuring love or finding the perfect one. I want the best love, right love, pure love, or true love. All these are statements of justification, or rather judgment, which can crumble all love into dust.

And if you’re a type that always looks for true, best, perfect, ideal or right love, you’re measuring the person you love and will possibly fall into a trap.

Love is the feeling of intense affection for another person. So, do not compare whom you love with others, or even measure self-worth against other people to find that you’re worthy of love.

If you always compare the person you love with smarter, fresher, and younger people, you love with judgment. Be wary because you will fall into the trap.

6 Ways to Strengthen Love Further

Love is a strong feeling of affection and powerful emotion, and being in a loving relationship is one of the strongest desires one can have.

For the fact that love entails a mix of sentiments, actions, and ideas connected with strong feelings of affection, respect, warmth, and protectiveness, two persons in love relations should try to strengthen it to overcome heartbreak.

Here are some ways to strengthen love. Learn them and apply them to preserve and rekindle your love experience

  • Care for your him/her

Once you choose your lover or friend, take great care of him or her. Don’t let him or her down in any aspect.

Caring for each other in love doesn’t necessarily mean serious attention or consideration to do everything correctly or to avoid a breakup, rather it’s a feeling of genuine concern for your partner’s well-being.

Show him that you’re concerned. Show her your think about her. Attach importance to the love that exists between you both.

Try your best to look after and provide for the needs of each other, not just the financial or material need, but emotional and otherwise. Wake up every morning with an appreciation for knowing each other. 

  • Do not mishandle problems among each other

If you and your companion have some sort of problem among both of you, try to sort it out wisely, resolve it justifiably, because true love just happens once.

If one keeps avoiding the problems of love and keeps on blaming the problems to his or her companion, he will ultimately lose this precious asset.

Moreover, there will be no compensation in this regard. Therefore, the suggestion here is that do not mishandle the problems of your true love.

It is right to express anger if you cannot let go, but you have to do that in a productive way if you must.

  • Value each other’s love

Give value to each other’s love. Give value to each other’s dreams and visions. This will make your love stronger.

Value that person whom you love. Have the regard that he or she is held to deserve. Know the importance, worth, or meaning of what you have for each other – love.

You cannot just focus on yourself in a relationship. No, it doesn’t work that way. If both of you truly care and understand each other learn the value of love; prove that you value the relationship, and want to be together.

  • Avoid blames

There are many cases in the world in which true lovers broke up, ultimately ruining their lives. Because coming out of such a setback is not possible, forgetting the one to whom you have to consider the part of your life is difficult to do.

However, there are several other cases in which after the breakup, they are happier than before. This is in the case when love gets suffocated with continuous blaming when the two people involved in a relationship spy one another and distrust takes the place of trust.

So, make sure that not to blame each other, if something happens wrong in your life.

  • Spend time together

Togetherness is an important code! The state of being close to one another is a great way to strengthen love. Factually, quiet moments of togetherness strengthen love.

Six hours per week spent with him/her can make a love relationship better. Squeeze out time from your busy schedule to walk around together, read books, play games, cook together, or even stare at each other.

Being too busy for each other can push you apart. So, in every relationship, there’s a stronger sense of togetherness.

  • Recognize the power of an apology

Learn to say am sorry. It restores understanding and trust in a love relationship. The three most important phrases that further strengthen love are: ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’, and ‘am sorry‘.

An apology does not mean that you’re wrong while your companion is right; rather it implies that you value your love relationship more than your ego.

Saying ‘I am sorry’ implies that you recognize that your behaviors have an impact on your companion. What you say, even the one you do not say. What you do. What you do not do. All of that has an effect on someone who is involved with you.

Again, apology builds trust. When you say ‘am sorry’, you’re admitting regret or remorse, you are being vulnerable. The message you give to the person you love when you apologize is simply “you are more important than my pride”.

Another essential reason for the apology is that it avoids the cycle of fighting about who’s right. If you always fight to be the right person, you are making the relationship a battle zone with regular conflict.

Final Words

It is not difficult to get love, however, it is difficult to cope with the bad situations and incidents coming the way of your love. So, beware of such things and enjoy this sweetest emotion throughout your life.

Love is one of the incredibly beautiful experiences in life, especially when you love someone and have him /her love you back. Open yourself to be loved by people who truly love you, but then, you don’t have to pursue love.

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