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Attraction In Men And Women: Teasing, Flirting, And Humor

The chemistry between men and women is all about attraction, isn’t it? It’s been said that when a person feels an attraction to another then nothing else really matters.

At the same time, if a person does not feel attraction to another, then likewise, nothing else really matters.

Being physically attractive, being rich or famous, being the right age all matter very little when attraction is present.

Attraction is the key

The attraction is the key and it is a strong emotion, in fact, a combination of emotions that causes a person to want to pay attention to another. We seem to learn about it as children and then we become confused about it as adults.

Remember when you were a child and someone teased you in order to get your attention? Perhaps they threw a bit of paper at you and laughed.

Or maybe you made a crayon mark on someone’s arm and then looked away, pretending that it was not you who made the mark.

Or someone tapped you on the arm and then ran away. Those were all humorous teases that made us pay attention to the other person and made us attracted enough to play the game further. Attraction between adults is not too different.

Teasing with humor

Teasing with humor is an excellent way to attract the other person’s attention and gain their interest.

When the technique is done well it calls up several emotions. It tells the other person that you are different from the ordinary others.

It also presents a challenge that the other person will react to and not ignore. And it causes laughter, which makes the brain and the body react in positive ways, and tells the other person that there is an opportunity to have fun.

Key to basic attraction

The key to this basic attraction is to tease or flirt in the proper way and to have fun with it. The two elements have to go together in a proper balance.

If the comment is too cocky or goes too far and does not include humor, then it will be seen as arrogance.

On the other hand, if a person spends too much time joking and being funny, then they will be seen as being just goofy. It’s important that the humor be there to balance the provocative comment or action.

In real situations, the teasing with humor technique involves making a provocative comment in a humorous way.

Imagine a guy pretending not to pay much attention to a woman by not looking at her directly. He says, “I think you might have spent too much time on your hair.” The body language and the comment are provocative and teasing, but rather cold and humorless.

Now imagine the same body language with the comment, “I think if you had spent any more time with your hair, it would qualify as a career.” Then he looks at her squarely. “Though the result is good, I have to admit that I normally don’t date women who are so full of themselves.” Then he cracks a smile.

That combination of teasing body language and verbal comment with a warm poking-fun kind of humor will often create a sense of strong attraction in the other person.

The guy seems provocative, different, challenging, and perhaps fun. Those qualities arouse the emotions that are the heart of attraction.

The next step is for the woman to hit back, something we did as children, but this time with a teasing comment or a flirtatious flip of the hair and turn of the chin and the chemistry of attraction is begun

How to know someone is attracted and flirting with you

  • He is very touchy-feely when you are together

If a guy touches and sometimes presses your arms while he talks, it is an obvious sign that he is attracted to you.

Another sign of attraction by touching is frequent accidental brush on your arm or leg, constant excuses to touch you, brushing your arms often, always giving you lingering hugs and as well, always dusting things off your cloth.

  • He pays attention to your jokes

If a guy finds you very funny or is very funny while with you, it is an obvious sign of attraction. Your presence and conversation puts him in a good mood.

Naturally, if you are attracted to someone, you will definitely find that person funny. Therefore, if a man or woman laughs at all your jokes, it is obvious he or she is attracted to you.

  • They prolong their eye contact

 A prolonged eye contact is a clear indication of attraction. You can only discover this kind of prolonged eye contact only if you pay attention to it.

Someone can just naturally be nice and say hi and even go further to ask how you are faring.

This might not necessarily be a sign of attraction but when in addition they kept prolonged eye contact, you tell it is attraction.

An intensified long-lasting eye contact is way beyond the friendly. It is evidence of something way beyond friendship.

Certainly, a friendly eye contact comes as a glance or relaxed greeting whereas a flirtatious eye contact comes as an extended eye contact followed by a lean, emphasized greeting and Smooth down of the cloth and others.

Therefore, if you find someone gazing at you, they may be some indications of attraction. The eye contact is usually filled with spark and followed by a smile.

  • He/she sends various flirting signals

Another good way of knowing if someone is flirting with you or attracted to you is that they will send flirting signals.

They seem to be a little friendlier and expect you reciprocate it. They obviously want more from you.

They give more attention to you than they do to others around. They also irrespective of a filled room act as if it is just you in the room or place. They are confident while with you.

  • He or she comes up with ways to spend time with you

When a guy uses you as a library by borrowing a movie or book, he is figuring out how to stay connected with you.

Definitely, he will return what he borrowed and would want to talk about the content. This is a creative convenient way of hanging out and spending time with you.

By making out time for you to two to talk about what you share in common, you are both building up and the other person becomes part of your life in no time.

  • He or she remembers and follows up your interest

For instance, you told the woman that you love dogs and she always sends you images and videos of cute dogs, it is a sign of attraction and flirt.

Also, if a man or woman texts you regularly with flirty emojis and words, and remembers your interest, it is a clear sign of attraction.

  • They ask you lots of questions

The kind of question a person attracted to you asks is usually in-depth and many. The questions are all geared towards knowing you more and in turn getting close to you. That is simply attraction and flirting.

The question a person attracted to you asks is usually above friendly and also quite personal.

The person might like to know about your childhood, your college experience, and lots of other questions. This is simply an easy way of starting a flirtatious conversation.

  • He teases you greatly

If a man is always jokey and constantly teases you instead of been mean, it is a sign that he wants you to tease him right back and this indicates attraction.

Making fun of you or teasing you is a sign that he feels great comfort when around you. He pays great attention however to what he feels secure to tease you about and leaves out the insecure ones.

  • They greatly compliment you

A whole lot of persons like compliment. Surprisingly, another sign of attraction is constant compliment.

Most people flirt with you by complementing your figure, your eyes color, hair, cloth and lots more. They do these to make you feel good by ensuring you know they notice and appreciate you.

  • They tell you they are single

Another clue of flirt or attraction is that they will mention in one way or the other that they are single and would want to figure if you are.

This will let both of you know how available you are in other to figure out if he can continue building what he started and put a stop to it.

Bottom line

Sometimes, it might be hard to know if someone is attracted to you or not because some people have different ways of showing their attraction.

Simply ensure you enjoy yourself, flirt for a little while with other people you think you are interested in, await their reciprocal and generally wait for someone to ask you out. However, teasing, flirtation and humor among others are keys to attraction.

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