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Use A Diet Club To Market Your Weight Loss Product

It seems that everywhere you look, everyone is trying to lose weight. If you are in a network marketing company that has a weight loss product line, you have a huge, hot, and hungry market that you can sell to.

One of the easiest marketing strategies that you can implement is starting a diet club in your town.

Here are tips to get your diet club started off right.

1. Host a diet club in your home. If you cannot do it, one of your friends, family members, or colleagues may be willing to be the host, especially when you offer them free samples of your network marketing’s company’s weight loss product.

2. The host will need to invite six or more people to your diet club. The invitations can look something like this:

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“Your Dieting Days are Over!”

The problem with diets is that, whenever you go on a diet, eventually you have to get off the diet. What usually happens? The weight returns.

Drink a shake. Lose weight! Eat a cookie. Lose weight! Try these and other fun and easy ways to lose weight!

Never be hungry! (that’s better than willpower!)

Enjoy great tasting cookies between meals!

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Lose weight and keep it off!

Come to our diet club kick off! Meet new friends, bring your favorite dish and recipe, and lose weight while snacking with us!

Fun! Healthy! Plus it all tastes so good!

3. Purchase a scale so that you will have one for the official “weigh-in”.

4. Plan to have your diet club meet on the same day and time every week. Every member will need to weigh in each week.

The member who loses the most weight will get to keep the special “Weight Loss Trophy” for the week.

You will need to remind them to bring it back for the next group meeting’s winner. When you do it like this, you will only need to purchase one trophy.

5. The member that loses the least amount of weight or gains the most gets a booby prize. This can be anything, such as an embarrassing poster they have to put on their refrigerator for the week.

Get creative! Whoever gets the booby prize will need to bring it back to the next meeting so that the new winner can receive it.

6. After the weigh-in, trophy, and booby prize awards, give your diet club members a tip or two about proper eating and dieting. Share with them how your weight loss product can help them meet their goals.

7. Lastly, socialize! Share recipes, give out cookies, shakes, or whatever weight loss product your network marketing company promotes.

Dig into the delicious dishes that members bring. Overall, just enjoy the fellowship and then repeat next week!

That’s it! This is all it takes to start your own diet club in your hometown. Your members will appreciate your efforts, and it’s highly likely you will get lots of orders for your weight loss products! So, get going with your first diet club today!

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