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Want To Extend The Length of Your Hair? A Know-How

Hey! This is nothing natural. But so finely done through artificial means though that it can anytime overtake the natural growth! Very swiftly done and undone and can also be the best to provide a smart appeal at a single chance.

We are talking about the length of your hair. Do you know that for extending the length of your hair you need not wait for years? Just to add a few inches you may spend an age, still things may turn out to be fowl.

On the other hand hair extensions work unparallelled as momentary solutions to make up your hairstyle for your long frilled party wear or give you a different look from the old pattern short haircuts.

You can simply bring out a difference in your fashion and style and also care for your hair using the hair extensions.

Well if you want to try out hair extensions, you have to be careful about certain factors. You know very well that hair extensions add length to your hair and they are very soft.

Any sort of tangling will cause damage. Therefore avoid adding artificial coat of colors and conditioners on it.

While you comb your hair extension, be very careful because a slight strong pull can cause unnecessary damage.

Actually the technique followed in brushing the hair is just the reverse of the normal combing pattern used for natural hair.

It is always better to use combs that have smooth and soft running bristles. That helps from inhibiting any type of tearing of the hair fibers of your hair extension.

The final warning is do whatever you like with the extended length, tie hair plaits or beautiful knots but give them a rest while you sleep.

Don’t wear it as it is and walk into the bed. And in the morning weep in vague that what a mess you have done with your lovely hair extension.

The length of your original hair might be 8-10 inches. You can rightly add another 15-20 inches to it with the use of hair extensions. So any type of long hair style can be easily adopted matching with your face cutting.

If you have a round face cut you can easily use the length of your extension to tie up loose and casual braids.

For a long face cut, hair extensions can be helpful to tie top knots or French braids.

There is a wrong misconception regarding the extensions that they cant be put in the top of the head. But in true means, hair extensions have to firmly be fixed directly on the scalp.

So whatever you like to tie up from a ponytail, a pigtail to different types of pretty plaits, you can just go on. No fear of the hair extension to get loose or become awkward on a prime location.

The rest of the world will actually guess when did you grow this long hair? And it is your turn to raise your collar and take the whole credit.

There is a probability of feeling a slight pain while putting the hair extension rightly to the scalp. But any skilled hair dresser will do it without the feel of a slightest pinch.

Dear ladies, in a single life you don’t mind playing a multifaceted role and also encircle yourself with new getup for each role. Using hair extensions is a simple thing for you!

But be cautious because they sometimes play otherwise to your image! Haircare and care for hair extensions are two different things and know them in the be way before bringing into use. That’s all! 

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