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Wearable Technology: The Latest Trends

You are connected to a person sitting in the other part of the world just through the click of a mouse.

Even a few decades ago it was inconceivable even in the most developed parts of the world!

What seems just normal today, used to seem quite impossible to the people belonging to the previous generations.

So there was a time when wireless technology took over the world by storm, the next generation saw the invasion of portability of the machines and equipment. And for the generation, it is the age of wearable technology.  

Before analyzing the recent trends in wearable technology, lets first define the concept of wearable technology.

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In fact the buzzword of the 2006 fashion remained the wearable technology. In a nutshell, wearable technology refers to a marriage between fashion and technology.

Wearable technology incorporates the intelligent features based on information technology into the clothes so that they can respond to your commands smartly and intuitively.

Wearable technology is aimed at making some of the actions possible in certain instances where they actually seem to be impossible.

As for example, how can you possibly dial your mobile phone when both of your hands are engaged in holding the skies?

But it can be possible if the mobile phone itself is integrated inside your skiing jacket in a way that it actually allows you to talk without pressing the button!

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Yes, wearable technology makes these possible for you; it helps you to take the ad of technology in certain situations where it would have been otherwise impossible.

Here are a few trends that worth your attention:

  • Just consider this Red wire DLX jean recently launched by Levi. How the jeans are unique? They actually come with an integrated I-Pod plug and play technology.
  • Then think about this BlackCoat created by Eleksen; it is a jean sport jacket from appearance but something different in its function.It has a smart fabric interface with a five-button control inside the jacket. This actually allows you to operate an iPod without taking it out of your pocket.
  • It is quite cumbersome to carry the laptop bags all the time. Well Red Maloo has a solution; it has created laptop sleeves for Apple notebooks. These magic sleeves even offer you color options of orange and gray.
  • The shooting of thrilling actions have never been so hassle free with h3 video backpack designed by ONeill.  This backpack containing a camera that can be operated by the function buttons located in the shoulder harness areas and thus making action videos become a lot easier.
  • The Roll up soft technology enables to incorporate LCD screens into t-shirts. The technology also makes possible to roll up a full size PDA keyboard and put into your briefcase.

However latest innovation in the wearable technology however relates to the DNA coded clothing.

How are these smart clothes made?

Small parts of DNA are combined with Laser-sensitive dye. This has to be attached at some part of the clothing through magnetic methods.

A hand held laser reader can identify the particular stretch of DNA. Perhaps, the DNA is going to be the Seal of Approval for the future fashion aficionados!

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